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    JGP Harbin, China

    JGP China official website

    Now the the JGP California has concluded, its on to the next event in the JGP series. Is anyone here attending this competition? **Any predictions???**

    I think Trina and Todd have a chance at the gold medal in dance. If they dont win gold, I'd suspect they'd earn silver or bronze easily. I also think Jenna and Grant have a good chance at doing well in pairs. It's too bad all the remaining pairs spots have been filled by the USFS already :sheesh: Cause it'd be really kool if they medaled in China.

    GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! Go Jenna and Grant!!!

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    I think you are forgetting that Mikhailova and Sergeev and Virtue and Moir are in the competition. Gold for Pratt and Gilles is impossible.

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    I´d love to participate in prediction, but it is impossible as the names of the JGP skaters do not ring any bells to me so far, LOL. As the finals are in Helsinki I got really interested in following reports and results.

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    As much as I love Pratt/Gilles and think that long term, they're a very good prospect for the USFSA, I don't see them winning this particular competition. Virtue/Moir and Mikhailova/Sergeev have a lot more international experience, and both really strong teams. Bronze is a real possibility, and I think they could put some pressure on the top two, but while I would be thrilled if they could win gold or silver, it's a long shot.

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    I suspect it will be Mikhailova/Sergeev, Virtue/Moir and then maybe Pratt/Gilles. The Russian team was one of the JGP finalists last season (HOFFMANN / ELEK, ROMANOVSKAYA / GRACHEV, MATTHEWS / ZAVOZIN, MIKHAILOVA / SERGEEV, ZADOROZHNIUK / VERBILO, ZARETSKI / ZARETSKI, RUBLEVA / SHEFER, ORLOVA / BOLOTIN), and along with Matthews/Zavozin and the Zaretskis, are the only top teams from last year competing this year.

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    When young skaters go to these junior grand prix events, do they have to pay their own way, or does their national federation pay their expenses?

    Do they win cash prizes like the seniors?


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