I've pulled quite a few. One of my latest was a couple of years ago, my brother and his wife were visiting me. I remembered she didn't like raisins and I made a raisin pie. (I have a recipe that is delicious.) She asked what kind and I didn't answer. When she got hers she just said, "oh, raisin". (I had made a pumpkin pie too but she didn't know it.) Turned out she really liked it and the rest of the week she kept choosing it over the pumpkin.

When we were in Idaho, my sis had a birthday cake and took the last piece back to our cabin and put it in the fridge. I got another container and put the empty one in the fridge and hid hers in the veggie compartment. Well, turned out she got really mad and the next day she said it wouldn't be any good (angel food with fresh strawberries & cool whip) and wouldn't eat it. (She thought I had eaten it, and I just wouldn't do that.) So, they don't always turn out as funny as we would like.