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Thread: James and Ciprès: “Step by step”

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    I want them win more medals and nail their quad throw. I'm honestly clueless about pairs but I am slowly learning because of them. Vanessa James is my queen!

    @Bluediamonds09 You should watch their videos in WTT, they did fantastic in Japan. I hope they are invited to ice shows next year.

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    I really enjoy their unique style and hope they medal at Olympics, if not there, at Worlds!

    It makes their success even more enjoyable for me that I always liked the Kerrs, and John Kerr is their choreographer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elbkup View Post
    Refreshing, candid, delightful interview. I enjoyed every minute! Morgan's English is excellent and Vanessa is so exuberant ...
    Vanessa still has a touch of that cool Bermuda accent.

    They are coming on like gang busters, peaking at the right time. I could easily see them overtaking a higher-ranked team by the end of the season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skater Boy View Post
    I really hope it doesn't matter whether your Fed is big, rich or powerful or whether Japan likes you. This team definitely has a shot at an olympic medal but imho if they all skate their best and cleanly Sui and Han, Savchenko and Massot, S and K, D and R and T and M all deserve to be ahead. But this team is exciting. Ikind of hope they don't medal though because I believe Su and Han, D and R and T andM deserve an oly meal. Savchenko has her medals and had many chances. T and M and D and R are the two unlucky,unloved teams and I have great empathy for them. Cipres and Jame and the rest all seem to have loud voices supporting them but no one shows much love for t and M and D and R and I don't think it is fair or deserved. In a way those two teams are the real underdogs.
    Tarasova / Morozov rather don't make themselves any favours with their programs that make you cringe, albeit it's not exactly their fault.

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