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Thread: Six Feet Under Season Finale SPOILER

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    Six Feet Under Season Finale SPOILER


    OMG! I knew that the cause of Lisa's death would eventually be revealed, but I wasn't expecting this. Claire STAY AWAY FROM BILLY!!! That George is certifiable wasn't a surprise. Keith's new job spells trouble especially with David so fragile. I feel very sorry for Rico. Nate will either lose it completly or snap out of it. (I think). You know everyone is in trouble when Brenda is the most stable character on the show.

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    Funny you should say that about Brenda being the sane one - that's exactly what the Amazon Princess said earlier in the season. I adored this show for the first two seasons, but it almost seems as if the writers are running out of odd things to put the characters through. Let's take Claire for example - bi sex and indiscriminate drug use - didn't her older brother do that already? And now that Nate and Brenda are back together, Billy's back in the picture, and toying with Nate's little sister. Seems to me we went there, too.
    Nate's been getting creepier all season. The smile on his face when he came home all blood-spattered and asked Brenda to marry him was just too much! I was glad to see Mr. Fisher at the end, though. I'd really missed the ghosts this season.
    The season finale was better than I'd hoped, considering that I've grown to actively dislike several of the characters this season. (Is it just me, or would someone else like to slap some sense into Ruth?) I suppose that's the test of good writing - even when it's getting a little stale and repetitive, you still react emotionally to the characters.
    And now it's time to cancel HBO until next season!

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    Wow, what a extremely shocking season finally!! I know this has been the weirdest season as of yet, but to be truthful its been my favorite.. I LOVE Ruth's character..She is dealing with so many different with her husband going nuts.. Kathy Bates and Patricia Clarkson bring a lot of true hollywood acting to the tv series.. I'm not thrilled about Claires drug addiction, but I think she will be possibly good for Billy.. Have you noticed Claires wieght loss? I wonder if thats intensional for the role? David faced his demons.. Finally, we ALL have conclusion on what happened to Lisa.. What a great drama...After Sex and the City went off its all HBO really offers me as a viewer.....Peace

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