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Thread: Who is your favourite skater under Eteri?

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    Can someone post what Samoilov said about Sambo70 or Eteri before moving to Plushy?

    I totally missed that part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FSGMT View Post
    Can anyone provide a link or something of the harsh things she said of Adian's injuries/retiring?
    (I'm not questioning your assertions, I just didn't pay enough attention to the case at the time, so I'm simply curious)
    in recent interview she actually said that Adian is incredibly gifted and one of her favorite students (link). Quite an interesting read btw and i hope someone will translate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Star View Post
    Shelepen, in fact, got injured in CSKA, not with Tutberidze. Lipnitskaya's concussion is a complete accident, she fell entering a spin, not even a triple jump
    No, she got the injury with Tutberidze and then couldn’t do whatever Tutberidze wanted her to do, because she was skating long term with injury. Like Aidan.

    And re: Lipnitskaya’s concussion, I would think it was accident too, if there was not the interview with Tutberidze after that season. T was asked what she learned while working with her students and she said something about if someone has a bad day and really look like they have enough, there is no point forcing the skater to work more because they would only get injured. Considering that this interview came very soon after there was an interview with Lipnitskaya talking about her concussion, it felt like T was talking about the same incident. Which meant she tried to ‘motivate’ Julia when she should have rather given her a break. I love the results T manages to achieve with her skaters, but I am not willing to close my eyes when there is something wrong going on. The interview was cringeworthy.

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