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Thread: US Events Judging Systems and Other CoP Info

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    US Events Judging Systems and Other CoP Info

    On the Campbell's predictions thread, there was a mini-discussion on the judging system to be used at Campbell's and other US events. According to an article in the October issue of International Figure Skating, for selected events, including US Nationals, both OBO/6.0 and CoP will be used, and skaters offered reviews of their programs by the CoP judges after the competition, but the OBO/6.0 scores will count. US Nationals 2006 is the US event in which CoP will be the official scoring system. Events using the dual system so far have been Lake Place Ice Dance Competition and Liberty Summer Competition.

    Although not discussed in the article, I doubt Cambpell's and other cheezefests will use the dual system; they're spending big bucks on the prize money (50K, 25K, 15K, 5K, 3K, 2K). A connection between diminished prize money for GP events and the costs of the new judging system was raised by Jeff Buttle in another article, in which he said,
    As far as I know it is due to how much money went into the new [judging] system...I mean if that is the case, I honestly do not care at all. I think the sport needed a change and we sort of need to regain the trust of the public back and build up a solid fan base. I really think it will be worth it in the long-run."
    ISU VP David Dore attributed the drop in prize money to diminishing TV revenue.

    Actually, it's no longer called "Code of Points," but the "ISU judging system." IJS?

    The article (p. 64) also clarifies some of the behavior of callers,

    If the assistant technical specialist disagrees with the specialists' call - for example, thinks a certain dance lift is a level two, not a level three - he or she will call out, "Review." That signals for a slow-motion replay at the end of the skaters' program. There is also an inputter who types in the callers' elements into the system, so the judges can mark the grade of execution. These inputters may also call out for reviews. When the three officials review replays, the majority opinion prevails.
    The article makes it sound like USFS is channeling Skate Canada from last year: the official party line seems to be "IJS, good." Which is quite a change from last year.
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