Well, so far, the men are just STUPID. Seems to me that this early on, you get rid of your weakest link (Chris) instead of one of your strongest. This was a case of a group of flabby guys being threatened by someone who was actually in shape. I hope the women just keep kicking their butts until they wake up.

I think Chad played the Artificial Leg card entirely too early; if it'd been me I'd've waited at least another few days if I could have, just to really maximize the shock value if nothing else; plus it'd give me a few extra days to make alliances, etc. It was too early IMO to know how the revelation would go over.

Among the women, I like Scout and Leanne, and I think Twila is going to be QUITE SOMETHING. It always kills me (and a variation of this happens every time) when these chickie-boos are down by the lagoon lounging around doing their Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue thing and then turning around and complaining that the others are SHOWING THEM UP and TRYING TO MAKE POINTS by ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING LIKE BUILDING SHELTER. I think it would be interesting if the people who were actually interested in doing any work, made their own shelters, and the ones who wanted to treat this like a South Pacific vacation can just lounge around and sleep on the beach and get themselves rained on.

What I think will be most interesting about this edition is that it might turn out to be more about young vs. "old" than male vs. female. I say, "Go old folks!!" :D :D