I like to read peoples' tales of the strange/paranorma/weird mysteries/legends from their area. Please share some!

For instance--out in the boondocks of my county it is said that a farmer built his own private auto racetrack where he and his friends used to hold races, until there was a horrific accident that killed some. Supposedly, if you go down this road by the abandoned property and shut off the engine you can hear the sounds of racing cars followed by screeching tires, or something to that effect.

Another story from our county--- in the 1960s, this family claimed to have a monster in their well. Many people visited the infamous well. They even had the local paper come out and do a story. The family wasn't "all there" in the head, if you get my drift.

There was a farmer who really was attacked and killed by hogs. They(sows) can be very mean when they have piglets and he was at the right place at the wrong time. It's still creepy.

A little girl was playing in a pile of leaves when a car parked on top of her. Her mother blamd the husband for her death(he was watching her) and they quickly moved away from our town.

There used to be a "haunted" house out in the boondocks. People used to report a strange deer-like creature in the same proximity. Finally, the fire department burned it down(on purpose) during a training session so high schoolers wouldn't go hang out in it. Before that happened a popular girl from my class was in it, stepped on a rotted board and tore up her knee joint. Knee went one direction, body went the other. She had surgery and was in a leg brace fro most of her senior year.

A well-kept mansion in our town is rumored to have a tunnel from their basement that runs up a block. Nobody reliable has ever been in this tunnel. And of course there is a ghost in it.

On "Blood Road" you can supposedly see the blood stains of a car accident victim that will never come out of the pavement. The road is rumored to have been paved over several times but the "stains" always come back.

At midnight on Halloween the statue on a baby's grave supposedly turns over.

Our old hospital had a ghost in it of a woman who died in childbirth during the 50s. She would go up to people and ask "Where's my baby!" and wasn't very friendly. As the story went.