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Thread: Russian article -- Irina at test skate

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    I'm not sure. I know Vika has had a lot of psychological problems with her coaches; also, Victor has complained about Vika's mom and grandma trying to push her way through. Sokolova was an example that Victor sighted in a recent interview as the most painful one when she left; he explains that he understand that sometimes a skater may grow tired of a coach, but in Elena's case he really felt she had no reason to leave (I may dig out an interview I've read with him on the subject). Victor also said that they now have a lot of ice, so they have no problem fitting all the skaters in. Also, I think all three ladies must have learned some humility from the experience. After all, all of them left "never to come back", yet are now back. BTW, officially Julia is also working with Victor, and I am not sure if Vika working with Marina was just a half-season solution, or one for the whole season. All ladies seem to be smart enough to go elsewhere for choreography -- the Kudryavtsevs may be great technicians, but they are no choreo geniuses.

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    I would say that Elena is Viktor Kudriavtsev's main student.

    There are no problems in the Kudriavtsev camp. The only problem I can think of is how Viktor didn't take Vika back so she may be a bit jealous of his other skaters. Otherwise I have reason to think that they all get along very well. I remember an article from last season where Viktor was speaking of his students and especially Elena he spoke of how she welcomed everyone into the camp and they all had good working relationships. Also, I think Viktor likes Elena. There are no hard feelings anymore. If there were I don't think they would be as close as they are and he probably would not have taken her back.

    I don't feel anyone should count Elena out yet either, she is two time Russian National Champion and beat Irina in 2003 when she was healthy! The problems she had this weekend were because she has only been skating in her new boots for two weeks now. Her boots and car were stolen, and that is not her fault. She is also healthy this season (knock on wood), and once she breaks in her new skates I think she will do fine.

    I also disagree that the Russian ladies in the past have just been jumping beans. But that is another topic in itself.

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    GOD bless you Irina

    God bless you in the year ahead, Irina.

    I hope to see you at the Xcel Center October 1st.

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