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Thread: Meissner added to Campbell International

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    Meissner added to Campbell International

    The USFSA has just annouced that Meissner will take the place left vacant by Carolina Kosner. This is a tremendous opportunity for her to make some NOISE before nationals. Best of luck.

    I wonder what happened to Kosner?

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    Kostner suffered a back injury this summer. She was seen by some FSU'ers during Nebelhorn a couple of weeks ago practicing at the Obersdorf rink, but she was mainly skating laps.

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    Great news for Kimmie. Reports have it that Carolina Kostner had injuries during the summer and is just getting over them. Not enough time to prepare for Campbells.


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    Yay! I really like this young girl. She has such an elegant, stream-lined style. I think her appearance will add something unique to this competition. It will also be interesting to see how she handles this kind of pressure. She is competing against the three best women in the world....that is a big jump from Jr. Nationals and Jr. Grand Prix. I wish her the best of luck!

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    Yay is right! Now there's something to look forward to in the ladies comp too! Kimmie Meissner is great! I'm very glad that we'll get to see her new LP so early in the season!

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    She is SO cute and such a great little skater. I missed the Jr. Ladies in Atlanta and I was so bummed about that. It will be a nice treat to see her skate this early in the season. Aside from Atlanta, I've only seen her skate during the Exhibitions from Nats when its on TV, LOL

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    It should be good for her to skate against the top senior ladies before Nationals. I wonder if she will attempt the triple axel. I wouldn't be surprised if she placed well.

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