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Thread: Paul Hamm Keeps Gold!

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    I am so glad. I also feel that Hamm's gold is not tainted. Upon review, you cannot selectively say, "here's the rerun, here's where you screwed up, now give us the gold.

    I have long maintianed that if they were going to review the Korean's routine, then they should review all his routines, and if they had done that he would have still lost due to deduction from other routines.

    The other solution would have been even more preposterous...replay EVERYONE'S routine to insure that the proper scores were given. I am sorry, but the rules are there for a reason. If the S Koreans couldn't file the report in a timely fashion, it means they don't understand the rules.

    I will hasten to add that if an American had pulled this nonsense, I would feel EXACTLY the same way.

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    According to an article in today's New York Times,
    Jeff Benz, the United States Olympic Committee's general counsel, said during the news conference that the court's reasoning showed it accepted that it should not make decisions on "field of play" issues, and that there was a process in which the South Korean delegation could have protested the result in a timely manner but failed to do so. He also said that the court, which rules on international sporting disputes, recognized that simply changing the parallel bars score would not necessarily result in the true result of the overall event because it was not the final rotation. (Free registration required to read the entire article).

    A search for "Hamm" on the CAS website ( brings up no results, and there is no "Decision" or "News" category in their contents navbar. I couldn't find an actual transcript, but if Jeff Benz' interpretation of the ruling is correct, CAS's conclusion about the failure of the Korean delegation to make a proper protest is in line with Korean officials' own description of the chronology quoted in the International Gymnast article cited on this thread, and dismisses the argument that the Evil US Referee and Judge prevented the Korean delegation from making an appropriate protest.

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    Thank goodness. Justice was done!

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    No big surprise here.

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    yeepee !!! go Paul !!!

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