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Thread: ER - Some Twists

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    ER - Some Twists

    I managed to catch ER the other night. I must say, it was pretty good. So Elizabeth "walked off into the sunset." I will miss her character. I am not sure about the new surgeon. I guess Carter, will be next!!!

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    You're probably right as Noah Wyle has already said this will probably be his last season. Wants to be home more for young family. And HAS been tied up with ER for over a decade. Says it's time to move on.

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    I have a feeling that this might be E.R.'s last season anyhow.....just a feeling. I will miss Elizabeth's character, but I suppose they didn't know what to do with her anymore. Most of the action is in the E.R. anyway........... :sheesh: 42

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    Ugh, that ws probably the worst episode of ER I've ever seen. Elizabeth Corday deserved better. The viewers deserved better!!

    I already knew that Alex Kingston was being written out of the show, but that send-off was lame. But it wasn't just Corday's departure that was disappointing - the whole episode seemed to be about neatly tidying up loose ends, missing the point that what made this show great for the first few years was showing us the mess all those loose ends made, and how the characters dealt with it.

    - New resident Howard and his OCD was a promising storyline - and 1 episode after it's brought up - poof! - he's gone.
    - Neela's ambivalence about her medical career is rich stuff, and I loved that she was so against going back to the hospital that she got a job at the convenience store across the street. Poof! She's back at the hospital!
    - Carter experienced a heart-wrenching loss last season, and we've already seen him slip in his sobriety (in a very over-the-top, unbelievable way). Suddenly, he seems like the pillar of the hospital again, with Kerry's day-late warning the only reminder that he'd had any problems.

    I've stuck with this show for many years, and I still like the characters of Abby, Susan and Neela, but I'm about ready to give Without a Trace a try.

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    Without a Trace is great. I get timeshifting, so I get to watch both. There are lots of things aout er that bug me. What brought me back this season is Shane West, but he's only ahd real screen time in one episode. I think they have too many characters to effectively deal with all of them. I'll miss Alex Kingston, too. With both Romano and Benton gone, there arent'any surgeons around to fill out surgery storylines.

    I don't know about this being er's last year. It may be getting beaten on some nights by WAT, but NBC is really hurting right now. er is still a proven commodity. Would they want to take a chance with something completely new?

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