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Thread: Will Social Security be Secure Anymore?

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    .........But, how far will that money go 50 years from now? What will it be worth in 2055? It may be worth only a fraction of that at face value......42

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    Ptichka is right about Enron. Most people don't have big amounts to invest and thus have no way to diversify and hedge their investment bets. Individual investers, including those investing their IRA and 401 K funds, try to maximize their returns. They tend to invest where they see the biggest gains. Unfortunately, those high-flying stocks are also the biggest risk. So, what are your choices? Safety or a chance for a larger return? Thus millions lost in the Enron debacle.

    And the 800 pound gorilla WILL change the way stocks are valued. For good or bad? I don't know, but let's face it, how many of us have the time or energy or sheer luck to make out big on the stock market? If it was easy, don't you think we would already have done it?

    As for saving: without health care coverage, I don't see most of us ever having enough to invest large amounts. With the ever-decreasing availability of health care coverage and its' increasing cost, any personal or family member's illness can wipe out any potential savings for years, perhaps decades at a time. Health care coverage reform must be addressed. We are the only major industrialized country in the world without a comprehensive health care system available to all. So the British don't have picture perfect teeth? At least they HAVE dental care. And who really loses when some people have to wait or do without? Sacrifices and shortfalls and gaps exist in any system. Our system, if you can really use that term, has gaps big enough for most people to fall through at some point in their lives.

    No, I don't think Bush's privatization scheme will work and I don't see him as a visionary coming up with plans that address the real issues involved.

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