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    Exclamation New Skating Web Site:


    I just wanted to tell you about a new figure skating web site

    What is Skate Today? It's a webzine dedicated to the people of the skating world, both skaters and coaches, who make figure skating and ice dancing a pleasure to watch for fans of all ages and all nationalities. Our goal is to give fans an insight into the personalities of the people in the sport, and to give them a more personal connection when they watch skating on television or live at an event. Skate Today is the Webzine About the People in Skating.

    Each week we will feature a different skater or coach from around the world. A feature article written by J. Barry Mittan will accompany the Skater of the Week. Stay up-to-date with the latest skating headlines, upcoming events and birthdays of the week! Keep checking our gallery for event & skater showcases! If you're looking for a skater's web site, an event site or general skating sites, check out our link collection! Keep watching for more features!!!

    Don't forget to register for Forum!!! The link is Drop in for the latest chat in the skating world!! The forum is moderated to create a fun and enjoyable place for skating fans from around the world to chat, share photos and thoughts!! For nationally ranked or professional skaters, we have a place for you! Register with the forum, then send a quick email to and you'll receive access to the Skater Zone, a private chat forum just for nationally ranked & professional skaters!!

    Hope to see you on Skate Today!!!

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    Not a bad website I look forward to seeing it develop over the season

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    this belongs in announcements where I'm moving it now... thanks for the heads up :D

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