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Thread: BC Sections - Pre Juv & Juvenile Boys Results

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    BC Sections - Pre Juv & Juvenile Boys Results

    Here's the results -- I have notes on both the events but don't think I'll get them posted until tomorrow morning, so I won't keep you in suspense until then for the results

    Pre Juvenile Men

    1 Shane Firus
    2 Bryan Chau
    3 Steven Mack
    4 Qwynn Dalmer
    5 Graeme Gordan
    6 Brenden THew
    Evan Lockhead was on my original list of skaters but didn't skate

    Juvenile Men

    1 Dylan Archambault
    2 Pollux Yeung
    3 Kurtis Hori
    4 Liam Firus
    5 Michael CHang
    6 Leonardo Maekawa
    7 Matthew Kilback

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    Pre Juv Men Free Program

    Skaters are listed in start order. Because this was closed marking, there was very little time between each skater and I was having trouble finishing my notes before the next skater was starting their program. That means that just because I haven’t noted a jump or spin, doesn’t mean that the skater didn’t do it – it just means that I didn’t get it written down.

    CAN Qwynn Dalmer Start 1 Place 4
    Notes taller of the 2 that were both wering white shirts with bow tie strung around neck / business of love / nice 1a 1z1l / 2s1t barely hung on to toe / did the slipts on entry to cam spin / front spiral is weak back better / bad pick going into lutz & fell / stt ftwrk was very nice good steps & very musical into 1f / 1a2t is good / 2t almost tripped stepping forward / loop didn't get off ice / flycam had nice fly but he couldn't hold it and hopped a couple of times then almost fell / in spite of the errors it was a very enjoyable skate and he moves well with good musicality /

    CAN Shane Firus Start 2 Place 1
    Notes smaller with redish hair with bow tie strung around neck / familiar spy type music / didn't catch the 1st jump but then a really nice sit ch sig with good pos / think the next jump was a 1a2t / nice 2s / missed pick ona 2t then did one / fly cam was very loopy / nice strt ftwrk with lunges / 2l fell / flycam was pretty good into spiral / maybe not quite as muical as Qwynn but he has very nice air pos on his jumps.

    CAN Brenden Thew Start 3 Place 6
    Notes forest green shirt & dark green pants / movie music?? / this event is closed marking so I'm not finishing one skater before the next is on the ice and am missing the 1st art of their skate / sitchsit had good speed & centered pos not low enough / nice 1f/ missed rest of his skate sorry

    CAN Steven Mack Start 4 Place 3
    Notes black & white pooka dot top / 1f1l is good / fly forward sit good attempt on a difficult spin / strt ftwrk with spit jump into 2t fell / combo spin cam was ok sit pos needs to be lower / spiral got leg to hip height & straight – looked quite good / 2s with turnout / uprightforward scratch spin is quite good / strt ftwrk goes with music - he skated to the music for the last part of the program quite well

    CAN Bryan Chau Start 5 Place 2
    Notes white blousy shirt with lace over V / celtic music / 2f stood up but cheated / nice 2t / sit ch sit could be lower but very centered & very good speed / 1z / 1a / 2t fell 1t / music now seems like epic movie / 2l fell / nice sword work into strt ftwrk that was quite good / 1a step out / sitchsit got a little slow at the end but pretty good job / he could use some more musicality /

    CAN Graeme Gordan Start 6 Place 5
    Notes red vest over black shirt & pants / dramatic movie type music maybe spy? / 1z1l / flycam is pretty good / 2s / there's some great dramatic moves right to the music like he's acting it out / 1a is good / very flexible - catch foot spiral / this is fun towatch - he's quite the character / I’m not quite sure what jumps he did & didn't do - was too busy just enjoying the program /

    Juvenile Men Free Program

    Again, with the closed marking I was having trouble finishing notes on one skater before the next was on the ice so I’ve missed some of the elements in my notes.

    CAN Matthew Kilback Start 1 Place 7
    Notes black short sleeve top & black pants / nice 1a into 2s fell / 1z / epic movie music / missed sometihing / combo spin is pretty decent / spirals in O / 2s lean landed on toe & hands down / same thing with flip / strt ftwrt is imaginative & with music / 2t/ death drop has pretty good fly - spin is ok / he needs to skate more to the music mostly background

    CAN Pollox Yeung Start 2 Place 2
    Notes lime green tshirt on 1/2 top black tux jacket on other / right off this kid is musical and hanving fun / 2l / 2t2t / 2z / sustained spiral with good extension into 1a / sit ch sit with pos variation is fast & good / 2f / flycam had good fly spin was weakhe dd a much better one in warmup / diag ftwrkis a little bare but effective i/ 2s / combo spin is fast & centered with good pos / he lost some of his musicality in the middle of the program when concentrating on elements but you can see the potential his landing pos on jumps is vry nice reminds me of Gary Wong’s position

    CAN Dylan Archambault Start 3 Place 1
    Notes black t shirt with design on back red ants / 22t / great spread eagle with shoulder shake to music that I know you may right I may be crazy / thinking about the music I missed some elements / music is now piano man?? / 1a is good / spiral seq with leg toside then standard one / more trying to figure out music next piece is paint it black / missed a couplemore jumps / combo spin has some great pos & centered / I don't remeber being all that impressed with him last year, but sure am this year / great musicality and the jumps were there as well /

    CAN Kurtis Hori Start 4 Place 3
    Notes purple bolero with lots of gold design / back lunge into 2t / 1a into 2t / Carmen / 2t bit of toe axel in there / lost landing on fly cam / strt ftwrk is moving well with lunges & to music / he has attitude ! / spiral almost as good as shawn sawyer at his age / combo spin included beillman / another spin with cam to catchfoot with nice transition / 2z2t bit of a wrap on some of his jumps / he has very good flow & nice edges basic skating is very good

    CAN Liam Firus Start 5 Place 4
    Notes white shirt black pants / nice split jumps / 2z nice height both hands down / 2s / 2l / very nice sitchsitchsit with low pos & broken leg / missed a couple of things / music is legends of the fall or something similar / 2z turns out trying to hold it into 2t fell / nice back shoot duck turn spiral with great extension / strt ftwrk is very nice fast with twizzles / flycam to end is quite good / he has very good speed /

    CAN Michael Chang Start 6 Place 5
    Notes black with yellow accents & chinese character on back / martial arts of some sort / 1z that was supposed to be 2 / 2f bad wrap / 1a into fly cam that's ok / back catch foot spiral into 2l hands down / 2s1l / combo spin has some nice pos and some weak butfast & centered / 2z fell / strt ftwrk uses whole body & has movement to match music / 2t / forward sit spin into upright to end / watching him in warmup I think he's better than he showed in the program - something seemed to be missing from the performance – nerves??/

    CAN Leonardo Maeawa Start 7 Place 6
    Notes black & white plaid pants with yellow & orange striped shirt / he's another one that likes to act to his music / not sure of elements in 1st part of program / 2z / 1z2t fell on toe / combo spin has very good sit pos front & back / strt ftwrk to speeding up circus music / theme was a circus clown and he played the part well including his bows / I didnt get many of his elements down - he missed a few things but again a very enjoyable program / I wouldn't mind a tape of most of the pre-juv & juv boys.


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