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Education should be free at all levels. The high education system in N America is based on money, money, money. Young graduates end up with huge dept, they have to pay right away. Universities take thousand of student in the first year, second year only several hundreds remain, and in the end, sometimes less than 100 graduate.
All the students who payed for 1st ot 2 nd year, but don't graduate, remain only with the money spent, and no degree. It happens in most colleges and Universities.
Just to reiterate your comments Sabrina, totally agree...very expensive too in Europe! nothing against the skaters, i think its great what they are achieving but I can only imagine most of the skaters we know come from above average parents who probably earn a very decent wage, as skating at top level does not come cheap!!! and I should imagine they help with there university fees too!

If you are from low and now I would say middle income its a struggle!!