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Thread: The BEST NEWS EVER!!!

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    Thumbs up The BEST NEWS EVER!!!

    screw politics, me at nationals, Iraq... who cares! It all pales in comparisson to the article in today's paper!!!! It was a 3 page tribute to one of the bravest, kindest, most awesome people I know: Mr. Bob Summer. Thankfully he's made it through the storm, and he's been out and about since October (which I didn't know which makes me mad, but still). It's an uplifting piece and it sounds so much like Mr. Summer. I cried for an hour afterwards. He's not completely out of the woods, but he's getting stronger. He plans to climb some big honkin MT in New Zealand come 2007. Hopefully now that I know he's home and on the mend I can keep myself updated on that. I was big on fundraising for his first climb for charity so this is exciting.

    I love this article

    I do feel a little guilty right now that. I'm watching Disney's Pocahontas, and if I was a *good* student of his I wouldn't. LOL. It's so historically incorrect and he hates it. But oh well, what he doesn't know wont hurt him. I will be writing a letter to the editor about this article... then when I can I'm planning on coming down and bugging him when/if he starts class next semester

    *sigh* I love this news!
    "I'm very comfortable not understanding why God does things. If you really trust that God is a God you can trust, it helps." - Bob Summer

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    I'm happy for your good news on Mr. Summer, Toni!

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    that is really great news!

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