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Thread: Marshall's World Cup of Figure Skating - Results - Ladies Free Skate

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    Great report, Mathman! As far as Michelle and the 3/3, I don't think that is what she needs to focus on right now. She needs to let any injuries or pains heal (if that is the case) and work out her boot problems. She also needs to tweak "Bolero" a bit more and focus on successfully increasing the difficulty of the spins, transitions, etc. She needs to be in top shape and comfortable with this program. Once all of those things fall into place, I can only assume "Bolero" will be stunning with or without a 3/3. At any rate, great effort from Irina!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealtorGal
    Ah, re-reading this post and your more recent one makes me realize I misunderstood you. My correct response needs to be:

    Yes, your Realtor gathers up these items right before she meets you; but my guess is that they are not all brand new items purchased right before your meeting. She brings items that she has already "broken in" so to speak--in other words, she knows how to use them well before she meets with you. After all, she KNOWS she needs them to work with you effectively, and she makes darn sure that she's not standing there saying, "Now, how do I use this PDA? Give me a few minutes to work it out!"

    Further, if her PDA breaks down once, well, those things happen. If it happens a second time, she's got a big problem.

    As for Tim, I think we all know now that he had a lot more serious problems going on than just ill-fitting boots. Apparently, he is still experiencing those problems.
    Actually, I said "if" her PDA breaks down. Also my point is that no one can predict when things break down, unlike the milk in the frige that comes with expiration date. I don't know how you use your PDA or what brand. But mine breaks down without notice, and after my PDA breaks down for the first time, it is not usable again ever, I have to get a new one,I am using a 3rd one in 2 years. So how many back up PDAs do you have, and do you carry all of them to work everyday? "She has the whole year to get a new one" doesn't make sense, because people don't replace their equipment until it breaks. I remember Kurt Browning had a pair of boots breaking down right in the midst of a cheesefest competition. In my original message I was just congrats Irina for her win, and was stating I was happy for MK, since she got new boots on Mon, and ony got her triples back on Weds.

    "she makes sure that she is not standing there to say give me a few min to see how this PDA works" Hopefully the realtor will learn from Mk to be prepared, and break in the PDA before she meets me. MK got her triple jumps back 2 days before the competition, cutting it close but she did it in time.

    Boots are not Tims only problem but a huge part in the past 2 years. Skating requuiring new boots throughout the year is a very common thing, they have no control over when the boots will break down, finding fault with them for requiring a new pair of boots right before a competition is ridiculous
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    For those of you who were snarking about Kwan making excuses about her boots before...did you ever think that this is the normal time for Kwan to change her boots? Maybe she normally changes it around late November-Early December so they can be fresh for Nats in early-mid January. I mean attempting 5-7 triple jumps at a made for tv competition around this time is still a pretty new thing.

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