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Thread: Western Challenge - Junior Men

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    Western Challenge - Junior Men

    Short Program

    I was watching this event and the marks noted below & the placements are based on what I wrote down during the event. The official results sheets weren't out before I left the rink for the evening.

    As I've noted previously -- I'm very bad at remembering to count spin revolutions until I think the spin might be short revs, so a spin that I noted as being good could possibly be short revs.

    CAN Rudi Swiegers Start 1 Place 10
    Notes white tshirt dark navy jeans / blue suede shoes / 3t fell / flycam with good fly spin is a bit slow but pos is quite good / O ftwrk / 2a pitched forward / music switches to now or never / then something weird happened and it kind of got stuck as he was doing his sit ch sit / and finally we're starting again way too soon and he's standing there forever in the corner waiting for it to start / jailhouse rock / diag ftwrk is good with lots of levels & different moves fand continued the ftwrk right into 2l / / cam sit back sit scratch - cam pos needs more extension but sit is quite good / 29.98 /

    CAN Darryl Zubot Start 2 Place 9
    Notes black with jagged opening on front red on sleeves / 2a / 3t2t / sig ch sit has good pos bit slow / music is dark organ sounds / strt ftwrk matches music bit empty / 2l not right out of ftwrk / O ftwrk matches dark mood well as do most of his movements /combo spin was good until last scratch pos which travelled / 32.67 /

    CAN Bryce Davison Start 3 Place 5
    Notes yellow at shoulders shading to orange navy pants / 3z bad lean slid into boards / ftwrk 2l bit loose in air but got it / flycam is very nice maybe a bit slow / he's really skating to his music / O ftwrk moves a little slow but complex and timeed right with music / strt ftwrk follows and also flows with music / 2a pitched forward but clean / sit ch sit is very good centered low pos to inside edge on back endy / combo spin is good with nice pos & speed / 36.57 /

    CAN Donald Jackson Start 4 Place 11
    Notes dark navy velour blousey with shee / sit ch sit is nice & low and fast / summertime orchestal version / ftwrk pause 2l bit iffy takeoff but he did it / O ftwrk bit simple / 2a / flycam is a bit slow but lovely position / strt ftwrk works with music - he's moving too slow acrss the ice / 3s fell bit short rot / cam sit back cam sit xft - nice xft ! / 28.94 /

    CAN Marcel Lamothe Start 5 Place 6
    Notes Jesus Christ Superstart / nice chor & ftwrk into 3l that he worked really hard to hang on to a tight landing / 3f2t not really pretty but clean / flycam has good fly & pos spin is a bit slow / music has picked up and he doing his O ftwrk / sit ch sit with changes of pos including broken leg / diag ftwrk moves well goes both way / combo spin satrt back and he had trouble with the camel and it continued to the rest of the pos which were good but it travelled and was too slow / 2a / 35.81 /

    CAN Kurt Stoll Start 6 Place 15
    Notes black with red chevron bands on chest / 3s fell and then hit boards / some chor that I don't think was an element / 2a fell / I just zoned out, sorry / sit ch sit front was very nice is sideways pos back trav not low enough / S ftwrk is ok / ftwrk 2l no height maybe 2ft / O ftwrk is ok / there isn't much musiclity the last part of the program / trouble on the combo spin / 22.31 /

    CAN Daniel Miller Start 7 Place 4
    Notes dark royal blue with diag black design on chest / 3t2t / 3l bad lean fell out on 2 ft / cam variation sit back cam sit 1/2 sit xft - very nice spin fast & good pos - cam could be extended a bit more / diag ftwrk has series one one ft work / flycam centered perfectly / 2a wild & hung on with sheer determination / O ftwrk / sit ch sit is fast & low / 37.84 /

    CAN Kevin Reynolds Start 8 Place 1
    Notes purple & white top with gold trim / 3z3t toe is less than 1/4 cheat and the flutz is much less pronounced / 3l / O ftwrk is fast with good steps / cam sit tuck back sit upright xft / nice combo spin centered perfectly / 2a / flycam is pretty good but toe of free leg is pointing downward which means there should be more extension / strt ftwrk has lots of onefoot work / sit ch sit is cntered & fast / 50.58 /

    CAN Aaron Van Cleave Start 9 Place 13
    Notes grey vest & pants over white shirt / jazzy / some chor to start / 2a / sit ch sit fast centered with low pos / popped z / some chor into O ftwrk that is right with music / ftwrk huge pause into loop that didn't get off ice / flycam is nice with extended leg / cam sit back cam sit very nice xft / zoned out on diag ftwrk / 26.15

    CAN Matt McEwan Start 10 Place 3
    Notes blow up ago ago / black shiny pants & white shirt with tin foil coloured panels / 3z fell might have been short revs / sit ch sit with sideways variation on back fast & low / ftwrk pause 3l hung on / strt ftwrk has good one foot work / 2a / flycam good fly very nice stretch ed layover pos / O ftwrk moves well with good set of twizzles / cam sit tuck back sit xft centered & fast / 38.60 /

    CAN Jesse Smith Start 11 Place 14
    Notes black with red insets / he's blond now /1a / strt ftwrk is ok / flycam to donut lovely arched extended leg in camel / ftwrk pause 3l prob 2ft with turnout / sit ch sit is fast low & centered very nice spin / sal didn't get off ice 2t / O ftwrk has goodflow / there isnt'a lot of connection to the music / combo spin with lots of pos variations sit to leg behind sit / 23.92 /

    CAN Johnathan Gugulyn Start 12 Place 7
    Notes black tshirt with shiny black pants / strt ftwrk 1/2 half was very good difficult & with music 2nd was empty / 2a had it then caught back of blade & went down / fly cam is nicely extended with good speed & centered / 3z bad lean fell / ftwrk into 3l loop deep knee bend & pushed free leg through to hold landing / combo spin had real trouble centering cam / O ftwrk goes with music but turns all the same way / sit ch sit is good low & centered / 35.54 /

    CAN Aaron Hatchell Start 13 Place 8
    Notes black with beige insets in shirt / mask of zorro / some nice chor to start / spread eagles into 2a very nice / 2z2t / diag ftwrk to foot stomping section / flycam has lovely layout position / ftwrk pause 3l fell / sit ch sit good speed & low position / S ftwrk started out very well with music but kind of lost it towards end / combo spin cam sit back cam xft / lost it on the change to back cam & got very loopy / 35.29 /

    CAN Gary Wong Start 14 Place 2
    Notes white shirt with black design / staying alive / and some chor to match the disco feel / ftwrk pause 3l very tight on landing but think rot and clean / 3f hand down 2t / flycam nice fly good extended pos with hads behind back bit slow / strt ftwrk right with music & fast maybe steps a bit simple / 2a / O ftwrk is fast & full circle with music / sit ch sit with good pos variations & hands up behind back / cam sit tuck leg to side back cam sit bit slow but good pos / 40.35 /

    CAN Mark Moszkiewicz Start 15 Place 12
    Notes black / combo spin cam sit back cam sit xft that start well but came to halt / 2t2t / diag ftwrk is very fast pretty good difficulty / flycam good speed at start pretty good extension / 2a / sit ch sit needs more sit centered with good speed though / Oftwrk seems jerky or something not quite right that I can't put my finger on / ftwrk 2l / 28.35 /

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    Thaks yet again; interesting to note that with code of points theoretically you can compare Eastern to Western, and Joey Russell scored higher than Kevin Reynolds (just). The triple-triple toe is worth more that a 3 lz-2toe as far as I can work out, but it is still an impressive debut for Joey at Junior level. Was nice to see CBC feature the Challenges during their Grand Prix coverage yesterday, with short clips of Eastern Junior- Maxime Billy landing his 3 axel - and an interview with amanda Valentine

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    Way to go Joey. I have seem him skate and have been impressed with his male athletic style.

    It is nice to see this kind of skater returning to the men's ranks.

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    Free Program

    Marks & placements shown are for the free program only. Final Placements will be shown in the following post. The marks and placements are unofficial and what I copied down while watching, so there could be mistakes. There was also a computer problem after the 1st skater and we didn’t get any marks for the next 9 skaters until after the flood before the last flight skated.

    CAN Jesse Smith Start 1 Place 10
    Notes deep red crushed velvet top with one black sleeve / gorgeous camel to donut fantastic extension / 3s2l / 2f / 3l pushed it through / 3t2t / O ftwrk / back xft spin is lovely / strt ftwrk is with music bit on the weak side / 3t hung on for dear life and kept it clean / 2a / he had soe nice chor at the start but program now seems to be up & down the rink / 3s hand down / comb spin nicely centered with extended pos nice variations / 59.70 /

    CAN Donald Jackson Start 2 Place 13
    Notes bright green tin foil top black pants / some chor to slower music / matrix / 2z2t / 1a / cam sit back cam sit xft - very nice spin x ft actually speeded up / 3s fell / ftwrk 2z fell out / 2a wobly landing into 2t turns 2t / sit ch sit is centered with good pos / I just missed a jump / strt ftwrk speeds up with music pretty basic steps / flying front sit had huge fly and great air pos but couldn't control the landing / 3s under rot fell / 2f / 50.01 /

    CAN Kurt Stoll Start 3 Place 14
    Notes black top is maybe very dark maroon / 2a 2t / 3t came out forward on 2 feet / camel spin missed pick and fell flat on stomach then tried to get spin back and had trouble / 3s came out forward on 2 feet / 2z / spread eagle 2 z came out forard on 2 feet / 2a fell / nice outside inside outside spread eagle seq with soft flowy music / strt ftwrk / ftwrk 2f / O ftwrk is with music / sit ch sit with pos variation on front / split jump 2l / flying sit is centered with good speed / 47.58 /

    CAN Mark Moszkiewicz Start 4 Place 12
    Notes black vest & pants white shirt black gloves / 2a / sal didn't get off ice / jazz / 2f / death drop nice air pos spin is centered pos could be lowe / O ftwrk is ok / 2t / 2l / cam is slow with extended pos / 2z / spread eagle into 2s / strt steps match music 2t2t / cam sit back cam sit xft - all pos were weak & spin was slow / 50.27 /

    CAN Aaron Van Cleave Start 5 Place 15
    Notes shiny royal blue tshirt black pants / 3z high fell / 2s / flycam is very fast with nice stretched pos / 2a had it then had a weird turn forward & hopped / loop didn't get off ice fell / sit ch sit is fast & good low pos / 3l fell / 1f / 3s fell out 2t / nice spiral pread eagle seq / diag ftwrk / 2a turns 2t / cam sit back sit leg to hip upright fast & centered / 49.49

    CAN Marcel Lamothe Start 6 Place 9
    Notes light blue velour tshirt style with fleur de li / some chor to heavy music with strong beat / 3l / z came out early not quite sure if it made 2 rev / huge death drop great air pos fell on landing / 3s / spread eagle into hydro blade / 3f hand down / 3t /back cam with leg variations to back sit xft into forarad cam sit scratch - nice spin series / attempt 3z came out early on 2 feet / 2a / strt ftwrk is good - fast & with music / lovely fast xft spin to end / there wasn't a lot of relationship to the music for most of the program / 63.08 /

    CAN Darryl Zubot Start 7 Place 7
    Notes black with gold bands around waist / 2a2t / ?2l / 3 musketeers or pirates or someting similar / 3t nice done / flycam good fly spin is centered free leg needs more extension / 3l under rot both hands down / nice spiral spread eagle seq / popped sal / camsit back sit 1/2 upright with arm variation to scratch / 3t2t / 2? landed on toe with both hands down / music changes and I now know it's zorro / 2a / sit spin neds more sit / 66.87

    CAN Rudi Swiegers Start 8 Place 11
    Notes shades of grey with dull red tshirt style top / 3s / music might be journey of man / high 2z / flycam good fly to sit fast & centered / S ftwrk works with music / 3t 2t off balance on 2t hand down messy / cam sit back sit / spread eagle spiral / 2a didn't get around fall / 2l from ftwrk / strt ftwrk as music builds / 3t bad lean fell / sit ch sit centered pos on front could be lower / 2a landed on inside edge had to put free foot down / 53.87 /

    CAN Aaron Hatchell Start 9 Place 4
    Notes black with orange & yellow flame effect / firebird / 2z2t / 2s / he's light on his feet / O ftwrk ihas some presesnce to it / 3t / cam sit upright back cam fell out of it to sit to scratch / some chor to slower section spread eagle right into 2a / 3l feet tangled at landing / 2z has nice spring to it / fly cam with lovely layout pos / 2a2t / strt ftwrk / 2 tano flip / sit tuck to upright holding tuck / 66.93 /

    CAN Johnathan Gugulyn Start 10 Place 5
    Notes shiny black pants diag silver bolt design on chest / 2a from nowhere / he's got one glove on / 2f / 3s2t / huge death drop that flew to nice spin / jump didn't get off ice think a lutz / music slows and we have some chor with spread eagle into 3l / spiral with a little bobble / back sit to front sit back is nice & low front is higher and not as fast / O ftwrk is complex & with music circle is a bit small / 3t fell / strt ftwrk is kind of yags style front end was complex back kind of empty / 3z nder rot fell / 2s / cam sit upright back sit upright bit of trouble on back sit / 67.92 /

    CAN Matt McEwan Start 11 Place 2
    Notes elegant black velvet with maroon braid military style / das boot is the music / some chor then music builds / 3s3t / 3z fell / 3f Stumbled out short revs / music softens spread eagle into cam sit back side ways back ft - very nice spin / 3l / O ftwrk is ok with music / fly cam with layout then layover pos / music builds again sprea deagle 3z hung to landing / diag ftwrk is ok moves fast / outside then side spread eagle seq / waxel turns 2a 2t think toe was 2ft / death drop into fast low sit / 79.42 /

    CAN Kevin Reynolds Start 12 Place 1
    Notes computer glitch - dropped the palm caused me to miss the 1st part of his program /3a / 3f 2ft 3t / 3s / sit spinwith variations/ 2a / 3l / 3z might have been a bit 2ft / nice O spiral seq / flycam good extension to hands behind back / 3f / music is gershwin / diag ftwrk has some good twizzles /3t / combo spin to end with mutiple pos variations to back scratch / 88.97 /

    CAN Bryce Davison Start 13 Place 3
    Notes grey shading to black / 3s fell / sit spin with nice low pos & fast / 2z / 2a just flies / 2f / sit tuck back sit to inside edge very nice / music slow and some emoting & chor / 3t / caught edge doing nothing almost went down / 2l / he's working with the music / 2t turns 3s / O ftwrk / spread eagles both ways / 2a 2t kind of bailed on toe / combo spin with change of edge on sits to xft really well done / 76.33 /

    CAN Daniel Miller Start 14 Place 6
    Notes black with bit of dark red down one arm / 3l not real pretty but hung on / 2f / 3t fell / O ftwrk / fly front sit lost landing but managed to recover a bit to get a fe revs on spin / 2a / 3l2t / fly cam bit loopy at start pretty good extension / sal didn't get off ice / loop didn't get off ice / 3t / cam with pos variation sit back cam sit 1/2 sit xft - nice spin / 65.77 /

    CAN Gary Wong Start 15 Place 8
    Notes white shirt with blue geometric lines - black pants / some chor & movement / 3f hung on for a second then turn out / 3s / 3z fell fully rot though / death drop good fly bit of trouble holding landing but managed a good spin / music softens & slows / 3t2t / 3l fell out might have cheated takeoff / dia ftwrk / choreograpy isn't really using music / 2a prob 2ft / cam sit tuck holding toe to another variation to back cam sit upright / 3s fell slid off edge injump in same place as previous sal / O ftwrk seems complex / sit ch sit with hands behind back to headless / 65.44 /

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    Final Standings

    1. Kevin Reynolds
    2. Matt McEwan
    3. Bryce Davison
    4. Gary Wong
    5. Aaron Hatchell
    6. Daniel Miller
    7. Jonathan Gugulyn
    8. Darryl Zubort
    9. Marcel Lamothe
    10. Rudi Swiegers
    11. Jesse Smith
    12. Donald Jackson
    13. Mark Moszkiewicz
    14. Aaron Van Cleave
    15. Kurt Stoll

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