Anyone heard about the Great Team Challenge in Winnipeg, Canada?? Well it is on tv today on TSN for canada. The format is four group of 3, one women, one men, and a pair.

4 teams, Team USA, Team Canada, Team Russia, Team Europe

Team USA has Todd Eldredge, Karen Kadavy, Ina and Zimmerman
Team Canada has Kurt Browning, Jennifer Robinson, and Sale and Pelletier
Tean Russia had Maria Burtirskya, Alexei the Great Yagudin, Elena and Anton
Team Europe had Oksona Bauil, Jospeh Sobvocheck and another pair that I never heard of.... Will look tonigh for the name and will edit my post.

So far, we've seen the technical part of the competition, it was great, all great programs. Tonight they will show a complete 2 hours of the long program, it is really a great team competition like we use to see before Ice Wars changed its format and took out the pair teams in it.

So if you cannot see it on tv, you would like a VHS tape copy of it, PM me and will do one for people who want one. This is a great event. I was just drown into it, just could not keep my eyes off of it. I cant wait for the long....