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Thread: Quads. Why or why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulrica View Post
    Per the United Nations, the Olympic Committee, and taking into consideration political geography, there are 5 Continents; America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia.
    Regarding the demonym, most english speaking people would use American as the denomyn for people form the US, which is technically correct since the name after all is United States of America, however in reality the USA has not chosen an official denonym nor an official language, and other demonyms, such as unitedstadians, are also technically correct and used widely outside of the USA. Referring to someone as only "american" sounds very vague to me, it doesn't really imply from which country you are from as America is very, very big. For instance, I am mexican, therefore I am north american, consequentially I am american.
    I love language issues and learning about languages.

    The issue here I think is that we are writing in English. In Romance languages I know, one can indeed say United Statesian.(translated). But that word does not exist in English, except as an overly literal translation.

    In English, American commonly means a citizen of the United States of America. If a citizen of Mexico told me in English that they were American, I would incorrectly believe that they were a citizen of the US.

    Unfortunately the English language does not correspond to the Romance languages in these matters,

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    Well, there was supposed to be a bit of a tongue in cheek sarcasm to the 4 Continents bit.

    But nonetheless the definition of “continent” remains arbitrary; political geography differs significantly from actual, physical geography, and physical continents are also not especially well defined. The 5 Continent model used by the UN isn’t even used within all its member states. Some people consider physical geography important, necessarily Antarctica and splitting the Americas. Some would argue that splitting Eurasia or “Eurafrasia” on geopolitical lines, but not the Americas, is arbitrary. 6 continent models are reasonably common. And someone from the USA, where everyone I’ve ever meant of my age learned 7 continents (others may have learned otherwise), “American” doesn’t sound vague at all— we would say just “North American” if we meant the continent.

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