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Thread: Documentary on Jutta Muller, coach of Katarina Witt

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    Documentary on Jutta Muller, coach of Katarina Witt

    My YouTube kept suggesting this documentary on Jutta Muller so I finally decided to watch it yesterday evening. I thought it was well done and very interesting! For those of you who aren't familiar with Jutta Muller, or Frau Muller as she's normally known, she was a very successful and well respected East German figure skating coach; her students included her daughter Gabrielle Seyfert, Annette Potzsch, Jan Hoffmann, and, of course, Katarina Witt. It's in German and subtitled in English.

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    She is the eteri tuberize of her time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by halulupu View Post
    She is the eteri tuberize of her time!
    More like Eteri's the Muller of our time

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    To my surprise it wasn't concentrated solely on Witt and was put together incredibly well.
    I didn't know Frau Müller was cast away after the unification of Germany. Quiet disrespectful..

    Btw thanks to the documentary I watched few programs of Gabrielle Seyfert.
    Her 2A was HUGE. So much better than some of the current ladies.

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    That story with Katharina and the 3 Flip was hilarious, both are so stubborn. It was a really great documentary. Nice to see that all of Jutta's students speak so well of her. Also Jutta has some good sense of German dry humour haha she is even more hilarious if you understand German, as the translation leaves out a lot of things Jutta implies and says :D

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    I watched it a little while back so I don't remember everything but this was an excellent documentary. Thoughts:

    1. I felt so bad for Gaby--I'd always wanted to know why she retired about winning two worlds. And to find out it was because she had a man and Jutta wasn't having it? Wow. She could have saved me from a Trixi Schuba gold in 1972. So great to see Gaby with her daughter and mother--beautiful.

    2. Loved seeing just how much Jutta loves her some Jan. It's like Frank and Linda Fratianne. You always have that one student who just does everything you want them to. I also love how smart Jan is--very thoughtful man.

    3. Watching Jutta and Aliona was like a match made in heaven. Talk about two badasses. I felt bad for how she treated Robin though. Side eye on that Jutta.

    4. Sorry for the shade, but when Katarina was like, this is the room where we did ballet. Katarina did ballet?? Could have fooled me

    5. I think my biggest change in perspective was on Anett! What a loverly woman. I was shocked and somewhat ashamed to have disliked her back in the day.

    So glad Jutta is being recognized. Amazing what she was able to accomplish.

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    Very much focused on the positive side of GDR figure skating, but still a nice documentary from the perspective of personal relationships.
    It's very telling that all students still like and respect Frau Müller, she's a positive figure and her work ethic was admirable. It would be interesting to know what Frau Müller did in order to protect her own students from the bad sides of the sport system. I guess we'll never know. If this documentary would have covered that topic as well ... then it would be a truly great documentary.
    I didn't know that she has such a close relationship to Aljona, also good to know.
    And the fact that her son-in-law had to use the formal form to address her for years is hilarous.

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