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    I know this judging thing has already been done to death, but this is reallythe first chance I have had to really see how horrible this system truly is.

    If someone can give me any rational reasons for these ridiculous point spreads that are being given, I would love to hear it. How is it possible to have technical marks range from 4.5 to 5.5.... it is insane. If it was one isolated incident I could perhaps accept human error, but it is extremely frequent.

    It is making me crazy.


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    Re: Judging


    I have not seen any of the skating yet, but have noticed on this board that some of the marks are quite low even for a good skate. I think it might have something to do with the new judging system. We used to be able to figure out the marks, not even the skaters themselves understand it now. It must be really frustrating for them. Just enjoy the skating and forget about the judging. It's created enough angst against skating in the last couple of years and taken away from the joy of skating. Besides we are all "armchair experts" aren't we? We know a good skate from a poor skate.

    A Fellow Canuck

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    Re: Judging

    The range of placements was ridiculous in some cases. How can someone be 4th for a majority and 13th for one?

    After this demonstration of the new system, I hope someone wakes up and says forget it.

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    or how about 6 2nd place ordinals, 1 first, a couple 3/4 and a 16th place... first to 16 th is pretty ludicrous!


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