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Thread: Yoohoo, Paula, let's talk religion

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    Yoohoo, Paula, let's talk religion

    In the interests of having an open discussion that is relevant to all members of this board, I'm going to make this a thread instead of obscure private E-mails. This should be a public discourse, anybody relevant should chime in. The subject at hand is why I am banned from criticizing religion. I copied and pasted excerpts from an E-mail Paula sent me prior to the lifting of my suspension, informing me that I am welcomed back, as long as I never mention religion, not even "subtly." Rgirl had the insight to call the act [of or like a female dog]. Her objections to the publication of a ruling that affects forum discourse aside, I'm going to talk some more on the subject.

    I noticed in the off topic folders people are praying and blessing, posting their youth group sites, having political signature lines. Apparently all that is OK. I also noticed the thread where I announced my return was quickly closed after I disclosed the decreeing missive in question.

    So Paula, what will it be? Will you pretend to be fair and ban all religious discussion on the board (But if Michelle Kwan converts to Islam we won't be able to talk about it!)? Or you can just settle for banning me permanently, and you can return GS to a snug little nest where fairy tales are never questioned.

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    Why didn't you put this thread in the 'LeCafe' area? While you make me laugh sometimes at your irreverance, your signature line is more than I can even take. Sk8cynic had to remove her signature lines about certain political issues, why are you persisting?

    I don't think all political,religious, outside topics are banned from the board, but there is a folder for those topics that have nothing to do with skating. Why not keep it there?:rolleyes:

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    Re: Fetal


    I'm at Worlds. I haven't had a chance to view each and every thread. I welcome you to use the Violation Form to report anything that is offensive to you or that goes against the guidelines. That's why it's there.

    I locked your post. I did not delete it. I locked it for future replies since you chose to display personal correspondence between you and I.

    This post will be locked as well as it is obviously an attempt to start problems.

    Bottomline, your signature, along with the link to the website you have damns all religions. This is the same as being a gay-basher or a racist.

    Using your extraordinary vocabulary that you were gifted with, I hope that you will focus your energies on informative and entertaining threads. I would like to see the "old" fetal that was here before he became so radical.


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