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Thread: Good idea to change the date from August to October

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    Good idea to change the date from August to October

    It's good this event changed the date. Last year it was held between 1 and 5 of August and I didn't even remember it had taken place when the "traditional" CS events started in mid September. This way let's hope there will be more participants (if I remember correctly, in the pairs event there were only two duos: Peng/Jin and the North Koreans; Men and Ladies were better represented, but nothing compared with other Challengers).

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    I think Asian Open (AO) Trophy was promoted to one of the CS events since last year. And in the past the AO competition usually was held in early Aug (as the very first B-level competition of the season). It comes as a surprise that AO will be moved to October for next season. And Taipei has hosted AO Trophy at least three times in the past. Last time when I attended AO Trophy in Taipei, it was in 2014. The competition was held in 'Ice Land' (an all-year round ice rink of standard size, and it also serves as the sub rink to ISU championships such as 4CC and JWC) at Taipei Arena. I'm not quite sure for now where the competition in October will be held. But I assume it will probably be at Ice Land similar as the AO Trophy in the past. But as a practice rink, Ice Land is quite small in terms of capacity: with around 800 seats and on one-side of the arena only.

    Yes, the competition later in Oct-Nov could possibly draw more participants, probably more for skaters from Asian countries? But it is also in overlap with the GP events. AFAIK country such as Japan usually doesn't send (top) skaters to CS events once the GP competition starts. And AO Trophy in August would host quite a number of Japanese skaters sent by JSF. So I also wonder how that will play out.

    And...I'm also guessing that since Taipei is hosting a CS event during the first half of the season, it means that the local CT- figure skating association's application to future 4CC (2021) is foregone.

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    Thank you for a detailed analysis! I enjoyed 4CC in Taipei - the city and its people were lovely and FREE event tickets. I don't mind going to Taipei again for Asian Open if top skaters are competing (I'm travelling from Australia ).

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    According to Hong Kong Skating Union webpage and Chinese Taipei Figure Skating webpage, Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy will be held on August 7-11, 2019 at Dongguan, China.

    I guess Asian Open Figure Skating Classic on October is a new event. Somebody should change the title of the main thread.

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