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Thread: 2019-20 Splits & Partner Changes

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    This is my understanding about what TSL said (and I do not watch TSL, this is from folks reporting on fora and other areas):

    1. TSL originally posted a video in early spring where Dave said Deanna was in Canada "trying out" with Maxime.

    2. They edited the video a few days later to take out that portion. The reason, and again I'm not sure where I read this and can't quote to it, so I hope it's right, was "oh no Deanna just wanted to keep up her pairs chops and was practicing".

    3. In a more recent video, TSL said that Meagan D. had told them about Deanna and Maxime, but that she asked them to delete that part of the video and the "tryout" language. I do not know if they said why she asked that.

    Again, I rarely watch TSL, so anyone who actually watches can tell me if it is right or wrong. In any event, a very sad way to handle the situation, it seems.

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    Poor Kyueun. Its hard finding a partner in pairs let alone one who will fit the costume

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    Quote Originally Posted by el henry View Post
    I'm sorry to hear this, and sorry that it did not appear that Maxime was honest with Kyueun.

    That said, Maxime and Deanna were seen skating together in April? March? So Deanna just didn't show up for the first time in the past two weeks. That does not excuse what happened.

    And Maxime should pay for the costumes.
    Those messages by Kim's mother were dated mid-May. That's the time she was informed that Deschamps was dumping her for Stellato.

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    Sophia Simitsakos is now on IcePartnerSearch, so Greece has no dance team anymore.

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