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Thread: Quadruple toe loop: Men

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    Quadruple toe loop: Men

    Kurt Browning, a four-time World Champion (1989-1991, 1993) and four-time Canadian national champion (1989-1991, 1993), landed the first ratified quadruple toe loop at the 1988 World Championships.

    Kurt Browning2.jpg

    Who do you think has the best quad toe technique? Who is your favorite?

    We also have a ladies thread here.
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    Patrick Chan 4t-3t... gorgeous air position and distance traveled

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    Chan! best ever!

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    You can't go past Plushy. Apart from anything else his consistency on it was awe-inspiring. In competition you can basically count the number of times he fell on it on both hands and one hand is pretty much his couple of seasons doing it!

    Beyond that his technique on it was so solid that even at the end of his career when he had a plate inserted he was still able to land it in both the short and free at Sochi.

    As a bonus a few years later he was invited to a Russian Nats Gala and at the end they had a quad jump-off. Plushy was the only one who landed it

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    Yuzuru Hanyu, Patrick Chan and Javier Fernandez.
    I think Patrick's 4T looks the most effortless of all the men.

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