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    Yuka Sato

    Yuka Sato (Japanese: 佐藤 有香 Satō Yuka) is a former Japanese Ladies figure Skater. She was born on 14 February 1973 in Tokyo.

    She is the 1994 World champion, the 1990 World Junior champion and a two-time Japanese national champion (1993 and 1994). She placed 7th at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville and 5th at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

    She retired post 1993/94 season and started performing professionally in ice shows, including Stars on Ice. She competed in several World Professional Championships: she was the winner in 1995, 2000, 2001 and 2002, placed second in 1996 and 1998 and third in 1994 and 1997.

    Sato also worked as a sports commentator for the Japanese TV.

    She was married to Jason Dungjen, a former American pairs figure skater (with partner Kyoko Ina he is a two-time U.S. national champion). They both dedicate to coaching and choreographing at the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Some of their students include Alissa Czisny, Adam Rippon, Jeremy Abbott and Valentina Marchei. They also skated together at various pro-am championships and shows.


    Social Media
    Instagram -
    Facebook -

    Programs and Videos
    SP: "Railway Children" by Duglas

    1994 World ChampionshipsXVII Winter Olympic Games Lillehammer

    1993 World Championships1993 Japanese National Championships1992 NHK Trophy
    SP: "Overture" by Mantovani and His Orchestra

    1992 World ChampionshipsXVI Winter Olympic Games Albertville 1992
    SP: "Lawrence of Arabia"

    1990 NHK Trophy

    1990 World Championships1990 World Junior Championships

    1989 Junior World Championships

    Competition SP LP/FS FR
    1994 World Championships 1 1 1
    XVII Winter Olympic Games Lillehammer 7 5 5
    1994 Japanese National Championships

    1993 GP NHK Trophy 1 3 2
    1993 Piruetten 7 6 6
    1993 World Championships 6 4 4
    1993 Japanese National Championships

    1992 NHK Trophy 1 6 3
    1992 Skate America

    1992 Prague Skate

    1992 World Championships 11 7 8
    XVI Winter Olympic Games Albertville 1992 7 7 7
    1992 Japanese National Championships

    1991 Skate Canada

    1990 NHK Trophy 3 7 5
    1990 Nations Cup

    1990 Skate Canada 5 4 4
    1990 World Championships CF: 16
    SP: 16
    12 14
    1990 World Junior Championships

    1990 Japanese National Championships

    1990 Japanese Junior National Championships

    1989 Junior World Championships

    1989 Japanese National Championships

    1989 Japanese Junior National Championships


    Professional Career programs, videos and results
    TP: no information found
    AP: "Say You Love Me"

    2016 Medal Winners Open - 4th (50.40)

    TP: "Beanfields"
    AP: "Wine Safari"

    2005 Ice Wars: Battle of the Sexes - 2nd (Ladies)
    TP: "In These Shoes"
    AP: "Naughty Girl"

    2004 Ice Wars: Team USA vs. The World - 1st (The World)
    TP: "Stranger in Paradise"
    AP: "Song of Our Homeland"

    Programs skated in Pairs with Jason Dungjen
    TP: "Can't Get You Out of My Heart"
    AP: "Still In Love With You"

    2002 Hallmark Skaters Championships - 1st2002 Hallmark Skaters Championships - 2nd (in Pairs with Jason Dungjen)2001/2002
    TP: "Stranger in Paradise"
    AP: "Color of Roses" by Susan Anton

    Programs skated in Pairs with Jason Dungjen
    TP: "Symphony no. 6"
    AP: "Ribbon in the SKy"

    2001 Hallmark Skaters Championships - 1st (Ladies event)2001 Hallmark Skaters Championships - 2nd (Pairs event)
    2001 Masters of Figure Skating - 3rd

    TP: "Take My Hand"
    AP: "Afternoon of a Faun"

    Programs skated in Pairs with Jason Dungjen
    TP: "Adagio Sostuendo"
    AP: "Free Yourself"

    2000 Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge - 2nd (Team World)
    AP: ("Take My Hand")
    2000 Hallmark World Professional Figure Skating Championships - 1st2000 Grand Slam of Skating: The Super Teams Challenge - 1st (with Brian Boitano)
    P1: ("Take My Hand")
    P2: ("Brazilica")
    P3: ("Islay Maiden")
    2000 Masters of Figure Skating - 3rd
    P1: ("The Islay Maiden")
    P2: ("Take My Hand")
    2000 Sears Canadian Open (in Pairs with Jason Dungjen) - 4th
    TP: "The Islay Maiden"
    AP: "Hat Full of Stars" / "Summertime"

    2000 Winter Goodwill Games - 2nd
    TP: ("Summertime")
    AP: ("Hat Full of Stars")
    2000 Ice Wars: Four the World Competition - 2nd (with Alexei Urmanov)
    P1: ("Hat Full of Stars")
    P2: / ("I Make Him Feel Good")
    1999 Masters of Figure Skating - 3rd
    TP: ("The Islay Maiden")
    AP: ("Summertime")
    1999 Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge - 1st (Team World)
    AP: ("Hat Full of Stars")
    1999 Grand Slam Super Teams of Skating - 3rd (Ladies)
    P1: ("Summertime")
    P2: ("I Make Him Feel Good")
    P3: ("Hat Full of Stars")

    TP: "Waltz of the Flowers"
    AP: "Hat Full of Stars" by Nicky Holland
    Ex: "Crazy People"

    1998 Equal Sweetener World Pro (former World Professional Championships) - 2nd1998 Equal Challenge of Champions - 1st1998 Masters of Figure Skating - 2nd
    P1: ("Round About")
    P2: ("Hat Full of Stars")
    1998 First Union Grand Slam of Skating - 3rd
    AP1: ("Sozo")
    AP2:"Hat Full of Stars")

    1997/1998 - 2nd
    TP: "Waltz of the Flowers"
    AP1: "That Girl"
    AP2: "La Bayadere" by Leon Minkus
    Ex: "Higher"

    1998 Ultimate Four - 4th
    P1: ("Roundabout")
    P2: ("La Bayadere")
    1998 The Great Skate Debate - 6th
    AP: ("That Girl")
    1997 Equal Challenge of Champions - 3rd1997 Canadian Pro Championships - 3rd
    1997 Ice Wars IV - 1st (The World)
    P1: ("La Bayadere")
    P2: (Home Again")
    1997 Ladies Professional Championships - 3rd
    Qualifying Round - 3rd
    P1: ("Home Again")
    P2: ("Higher")
    P1: ("La Bayadere")
    P2: ("Higher")

    TP: "Afternoon of the Faun"
    AP1: "Fanfarra/What Is This?"
    AP2: "Runaway"
    Ex: "Angel Standing By"

    1997 Japan Open - 2nd
    TP: ("Merry Widow")
    AP: ("Afternoon of a Faun")
    1996 NutraSweet Challenge of Champions - 3rd
    1996 NutraSweet World Professional Championships - 2nd1996 Ice Wars III - 2nd (The World)
    P1: ("I Love You Always Forever")
    P2: ("Sozo")
    1996 The Ladies Professional Championships - 1st
    Qualifying Round - 1st
    P1:"I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis)
    P2: ("Angel Standing By Me")

    TP: "Spartacus"
    AP1: "Someone Like You"
    AP2: "Sozo" by Kitaro
    Ex: "Turn the Beat Around"

    1996 The Great Skate Debate - 1st
    AP: ("Runaway")
    1995 NutraSweet Challenge of Champions - 1st1995 Canadian Pro Championships - 1st
    1995 NutraSweet World Professional Championships - 1st1995 Rider's Ladies Skating Championships - 1st
    Qualifying Round
    AP: ("Sozo")
    Ex: ("Turn the Beat Around")
    P1: ("Sozo")
    P2: ("Spartacus")
    Ex: ("Turn the Beat Around")
    Post-competition nterview:

    TP: "Lawrence of Arabia"
    AP: "If We Hold On Together" by Diana Ross
    Ex: "I Can't Help Falling In Love"

    1995 Masters Miko - 2nd
    AP: ("Sozo")
    1994 Freshlook Challenge of Champions - 2nd1994 Complete World Professional Championships - 3rd1994 Canadian Pro Championships - 3rd1994 U.S. Open - 3rd
    Pa: ("Railway Children")
    P2: ("If We Hold On Together")

    Exhibitions and Shows
    2018 Revolution on Ice (Madrid) - "Karma" performed by Eva Ruiz -
    2018 Christmas on Ice (with Jason Dungjen) - "O Holy Night" performed by Aaron Neville -
    2017 Stars on Ice - (with Jeremy Abbott and Kimmie Meisner)
    2016 Friend on Ice - Yuka Sato, Jeremy Abbot and Davis & White - "Rhythm of Love" -
    2016 - Yuka Sato and Jeremy Abbott -
    2011 Friends on Ice - "That Man" -
    2011 Caesar's Tribute II: A Salute to the Ladies of the Ice - "Glitter in the Air" by Pink -
    2010 Smucker's Stars on Ice US Tour - "It Don't Mean a Thing" by Club des Belugas -
    2005 Stars in Ice - "Naughty Girl" -
    2001 Divas on ice - Rosalynn Sumners & Yuka Sato skating to "They Can't Take That Away From Me" -
    2000/01 Stars on Ice - "Take My Hand" by Dido -
    1999 Divas on Ice - "Sakura, Sakura" -
    1999 Divas on ice - "I Make Him Feel Good" -
    1999 Honda Odyssey Cup - "Hat Full of Stars" -
    1996 Prince Ice World - "Runaway" -
    1996 Prince Ice World - "Angel Standing By" -
    1996 Price Ice World - Yuka Sato & Junko Yagimuna -
    1994 Disney's Greatest Hits in Ice - Yuka Sato, Scott Hamilton and Goofy -
    (?) "Straight Up" by Chante Moore -
    (?) Divas on Ice - "Take My Hand" by Dido -
    (?) Stars on Ice - "Clair de lune" -
    (?) Stars on Ice Japan (?) - "Takes Two to Tango" (with Jason Dungjen) -
    (?) -
    (?) Hip-hop on ice - Aaron Carter singing "I Want Candy" -
    (?) Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Tribute on Ice - "Rag Doll" -
    (?) Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Tribute on Ice - "Working My Way Back To You" -

    Articles, Interviews and Other Media
    5 April 2018 - "Live in the D: Skate for Dreams event" by Click on Detroit -
    2013 TSL's Interview with Yuka Sato -
    1995 brief clip of Yuka Sato and Lea Ann Miller, her choreographer -

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    I've just opened a thread for the 1994 World Champion. I will still add videos of her professional competitions, shows and the interviews. Enjoy

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    I've finally finished recopilation of Yuka's professional career videos. Since her life as a professional skater was much more active than the competitive one, I decided to create a separate chapter only for the pro-am competitions. Probably there are still some more videos out there, but that's all I was able to find. Enjoy

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    You need to edit the bit about her marriage. She and Jason have been divorced for about 5 years now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ic3Rabbit View Post
    You need to edit the bit about her marriage. She and Jason have been divorced for about 5 years now.
    Oh, thanks a lot for this info. I didn't find any news about it. I think changing from "is married" to "was married" should be enough.

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