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Thread: Tsunami Relief Donations are tax deductible for 2004 return

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    Tsunami Relief Donations are tax deductible for 2004 return

    Congress has passed an act. All donations made to Tsunami relief funds in the US before February 1st, 2005 can be itemized on tax returns for 2004. This applies to any contributions made since the tsunami hit and must be specifically for tsunami relief.

    I noticed a lot of companies are encouraging customers and employees to contribute. The CEO of my company decided to authorize 100% matching for any donations to organizations listed on the US Government's relief campaign. He also included donations made before the announcement of the matching.

    I already donated, but plan to donate more once the billing period changes on my credit card.

    One of my New Year's resolutions was to donate more to various causes. I think I was only donating about 1% of my income, but want to boost that to 5%, at least.

    In addition to tsunami relief organizations, I plan to donate to the National Kidney Foundation, Orphan Foundation of America and National Search Dog Foundation.

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    Good idea, Heyang. I donated through It was an easy "one-click" method, with a receipt being sent to me through my e-mail..........42

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