Hey everyone ... I've decided to put together a compilation dvd of Emanuel ... I'm getting a dvd recorder in early March so this will be my project for spring/early summer!!!

I'm trying to get together as many of his performances/competitions as possible ... I already have a few but there are also several competitions I still need ... if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it very much!!!

I'll be happy to make copies for everyone once the compilation is done (for cost of dvds and shipping) ...

Anyway, here is what I need (it's a long list, I know):

1997 Canadian Jr. Nationals
1998 Canadian Nationals
1998 Trophee Lalique
1999 Canadian Nationals
2000 Canadian Nationals
2000 Skate America
2000 Nations Cup
2001 Canadian Nationals
2001 Sears Canadian Open
2002 Canadian Nationals
2002 Top Jump
2002 Skate America
2004 Stars on Ice (German Tour ... I missed it on TV)
2004 Campbell's Classic
2004 Skate Canada

Also, any kind of interviews, profiles, fluff pieces, homemade videos of any kind of event, etc. ... I need good quality copies either on tape (SP mode) or dvd (tapes would be better at this point, though).

If I can get my hands on some of those things it'll be a very great compilation!!!