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Thread: Lessons/practice 1/10-1/17

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    Lessons/practice 1/10-1/17

    All right all you skaters out there, is anyone practicing or having lessons this week?

    After two weeks off I am back on the ice(without a coach still). Beside the rink being very COLD I have a pretty good practice. Sit spins are staying centered and my camel is getting about 3-6 rotations which is good for me There was only two of us on the ice and so it was fun to put on some music and just skate.

    Happy Skating To All!

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    I'm glad these threads are back up!

    So, practice is going well. My double sal is coming more and more consistent with practice and dedication. My Intermediate moves had to be practiced a couple of times each because some of them are pretty weak compared to my other moves. There are these 2 girls at the rink that are also on Intermediate, so I practice with them sometimes because it pushes me to be as good as them.

    Spins are good. I practiced them a lot tonight! I must've spent like forever on them because I did about a million- how else are you going to improve? I'm excited because I'm getting a new program later next week!
    Gosh, I think I wrote too much. Sorry.
    P.s. I can't wait to hear how everyone else is doing !

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    I am working on my AN '05 programs. I just got new boots and have been in them about a month. There is a difference in my center of gravity with these boots than the last pair. That is an epic unto itself. Nevermind the details.

    So I am getting reaquainted with my camel and sit spin. My jumps are getting higher and fast. I have a waltz/loop/half loop/flip/loop planned, and it is getting consistent. I have been workon on my lutz as well and it is getting there too.

    I stepped up my of ice training with running 20 minutes after I skate, and I am on a strength training program as well. It has made my muscles a little sore and it is hard to skate with sore muscles, but it will be worth it.

    I am humbly using my body as the human Zamboni as well.

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    Learned the Cha Cha 2 weeks ago, and it is my favorite dance! Going well, edges and timing are good. I am also relearning my one foot spin, and although it is taking a long time, it's coming along very well! The entry edge has been my first challenge - I always entered from a pivot before. Now I am feeling secure on the entry edge, and starting to hold my free leg out for up to 2 revolutions - big challenge for me. It's a lot of fun though. My back spin is coming along great, it always was better than my forward spin. I have also been working hard on 3 turns, mohawks, and edges, and am feeling very good about the improvements in edge, flow, speed, and grace.

    Happy skating everyone!

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