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Oh, Jason is also doing Open Ice? That's great!

I wonder if Hersh saw Jason land a quad in practice earlier this year or something. He sure seems sweet on Jason all of a sudden.
Phil was the same way with Evan Lysacek. One minute, he'd be "on" Evan about not jumping quads. The next minute, so it seemed, he'd be covering all of Evan's strong points: how strong a competitor he was, his consistency in competitions, his mental preparedness, etc.

I recently read a few of Evan's post-competition remarks. Whether he tried a quad or not always had to do with when he was recovering, or not, from the stress fracture. For the 2010 Olympics, he tried the quad in the US championships, and doing so kicked in a recurrence of the stress fracture. That's when he decided the risk of it during the Olympics was greater than the reward.