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Thread: 2019-2020 Russian test skates, September 7-8

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    Quote Originally Posted by frida80 View Post
    Wow, that costume change.
    I just caught up on the ladies and wow is right! I love a good costume change mid-program and that one from Anna was awesome! She has such a pretty facial expression when she skates.

    Other thoughts (I watched them out of order)

    I totally loved Liza's program, but then I'm biased And she did the 3A combo just like she said she would! Bravo, Liza!

    I've never seen Game of Thrones so if there was a story to Sasha T's program I have no idea what it was, that said though, it's an exciting program! There were 3 quads in it right? (Or did I miss one? )

    I enjoyed Zhenya's program a lot! She really drew me in to the music. She seems a lot more confident this season, I look forward to seeing her in competition.

    Alina's program was interesting, I liked the step sequence best, Alina seemed to be enjoying the program which is always nice to see!

    Stanislava's dress was my favourite apart from Anna's. The program itself had a lot going on! I did like that the Roxanne part didn't have that scary dude singing at the beginning

    Sofia S's music choice was also interesting, I thought she was doing an instrumental version of Roxanne so when the singing started I was a bit surprised, not sure if I liked it. I do like Sofia's skating though. So I'm hoping it'll grow on me.

    To sum up, it's a good time to be a FS fan!

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    Of course I'm super happy that Ksenia is back and I wish her all the best things in the world and that she's happy with whatever happens this season. Still,...

    On a different note, I totally love Vovan's longer hair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuzuruu View Post
    Okay, so after some time to think I'd like to share some thoughts on the test skates as well

    First of my take on some of the pairs:
    Zhenya Tarasova & Vlad Morozov
    I'm SOOO impressed by them! I loved them last season and know I love them even more! Their skating skills, speed, lifts, throws... just jawdropping quality. They could emote more, sure, because they come off a bit cold and reserved. For me especially Vladimir should work harder in this department. I think what most impressed me are their AMAZING lifts! On another note - Zhenya is so tan! Like omg! cool contrast between her skin and blonde hair!

    Ksenia Stolbova & Andrei Novoselov
    I am so freakin happy to see Ksenia again, I don't even care how prepared are they at his moment! To me it seems they are a great match and they will surely get used to each other and grow throughout the season

    Sasha Boikova & Dima Kozlovskii
    I think this is the team that made the biggest progress since last season, however I find them not refined and a bit underwhelming. But that's just my personal impression.

    I don't have much opinion about the rest, besides maybe Mishina/Galliamov who I find very generic and just not interesting.
    I had to leave for a while so here is continuation:

    Zhenya Medvedeva
    I have to say I am enjoying her skating. To me she seems more confident than last year, less stressed although she obviously still needs to work on her elements a lot. That 3S+3Lo combo was a cracker though! Her salchow seems so great, she is visibly working on a quad I liked both programs, FS is imo better than SP. The Lutz is still very much from the inside edge unfortunately, maybe she's done better during practice in TCC but in competition-like environment she jumps it exactly the same as in previous years. I know that most don't like when bodies are discussed but damn! she looks fit and gorgeous

    Liza Tuktamysheva
    Liza is such a dark horse, her jumps are exquisite, her attitude is amazing, but there's just not much else going on. Both programs are dull, empty, poorly done. Her hands won't distract me from her feet just no transitions and, sorry, but ugly spin positions - not all of them! But some are just a big NO.

    Sofia Samodurova
    Sofia looks somewhat different than last season. She seemed to loose focus for the SP, and regained some confidence for the FS. I liked her FS, I think she can sell it well.

    Stasya Konstantinova

    I have so many mixed feelings when it comes to Stasya. I find her a very elegant skater, with lovely expression and line, she has very good skating skills but I don't like her jumps at all. She lands extremely bend forward and it's just aesthetically unappealing. I'm not yet sure about her programs, FS seems a weird fit.

    Alina Zagitova
    This girl just proves me wrong all the time. Seeing all the UR's on her jumps while she was doing shows made me think she won't progress any more and will be surpassed this season, but BOY was I wrong. Alina looks stronger than ever, she has amazing programs and does them with ease! She truly showed who's the Russian Champion here. Her skating skills improved, her jumps are massive, her spins are still amazing. The charlotte before 2A in her FS is stunning!

    Anna Shcherbakova

    Anna is absolutely lovely, her musicality is really amazing, she's an incredibly gifted performer. I loved both her programs. There are just two things that really bother me: first her non pointed feet and no turnout, it's so bad, it distracts me all the time, second is her skating skills, she seems to have improved since last year but she's still behind Kostornaia, Zagitova and Medvedeva.

    Sasha Trusova
    As I said before - she's an unstoppable force of nature. Love her attitude and explosiveness! Unfortunately I'm not a fan of either of her programs, I do think she's lagging behind in the skating skills department, she visibly improved her spins so that's good. If she skates clean, there's nobody beating her. She'll win anything.

    Alena Kostornaia

    My absolute fav Russian lady at this moment. She's just exquisite! Her lines, her interpretation, her skating skills and speed with which she attacks her elements! AND she corrected her lutz edge I'm in awe and in love with her anytime she touches the ice I have to say though that her SP seems watered down and I don't like it. I seriously hope they'll go back to the previous layout. They've cut the spiral at the very end and I miss it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuzuruu View Post

    Alena Kostornaia[/B]
    My absolute fav Russian lady at this moment. She's just exquisite! Her lines, her interpretation, her skating skills and speed with which she attacks her elements! AND she corrected her lutz edge I'm in awe and in love with her anytime she touches the ice I have to say though that her SP seems watered down and I don't like it. I seriously hope they'll go back to the previous layout. They've cut the spiral at the very end and I miss it!
    She probably didn't do it to end the program on time. She did once last season when she was running out of time too. But I do agree that it seems a bit watered down. It's probably because they wanted to focus more on other things and she was/is still recovering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandevska View Post
    She probably didn't do it to end the program on time. She did once last season when she was running out of time too. But I do agree that it seems a bit watered down. It's probably because they wanted to focus more on other things and she was/is still recovering.
    Yes, that was my initial thought as well, so maybe it will come back in competition I hope she recovers fully from her injuries, she's just so special

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    Short second recap here:

    Figure skating went wild: Alina was bombarded with pink crowns, a spoiler by Tuktik and Shcherbakova's 'Transformer' dress

    Moscow went crazy over figure skating

    After the national team’s Open Test Skates we can come to this accurate diagnosis: sell out of the old 8-thousander Luzhnikov Small Arena, the dense human flow from Metro Sportivnaya towards the arena, a most noisy and warm atmosphere for 4 hours on free program day and the crowd at the service exit after the event was over.

    It turns out that September is the only chance to see the country's main skaters in Moscow. The strange and not entirely obvious policy of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, which could more often let it stars shine, even earn money on its own to provide for the athletes, there are many such profitable opportunities. For example in Sankt Peterburg, the stars were last seen around this time 2 years ago during the Russian Championship. We don't know when it will happen next time.

    Yes, strategically moving the National Championship around in Russia seems to be the right decision, but a 3000 seat arena (like a year ago in Saransk) is too modest for the strongest tournament on the planet. And only a couple of performances during the season in a country that adores figure skating is, well ... nothing.

    But let's go back to Moscow.

    On Sunday, Luzhniki again waited for Zagitova and Medvyedeva - they are still the unconditional headliners of any start in Russia. And they move the culture of ice skating fandom forward - now both have organised support groups, with paraphernalia, symbolism and their own performances.

    As soon as Zhenya and Alina completed their skating runs, their fans immediately arranged charming flash mobs.

    The first to skate was Yevgeniya Medvyedeva - it was the Russian premiere of Memoirs of a Geisha. Her fan group immediately after the show strewed the ice with plush golden stars.

    Her skating run frankly did not work out (just like yesterday tbh) - Yevgeniya missed both Axels (pop and fall), badly landed the Flip and ended the program in no mood.

    “I know what to work on. Including physical exercise. Those errors, I understand why, and why this is happening and how to fix it”, promised Medvyedeva, who was helped by coach Brian Orser who only arrived after the JGP in Riga concluded.

    The first performance of "Cleopatra" from Alina Zagitova came out as the reference however - it is already clear that this program will become one of the main attractions of the season.
    A rich, dense production without voids, but with dynamics, emotions, a clear cascade of Lutz-Rittberger - even without the final dress and with some 'filler runs', the program looked complete. Although Alina called this “regular training”.

    Fans of Zagitova chose pink for souvenirs - hearts mixed with crowns took the sweeping children a long time to remove from the ice. And under the podium they presented a portrait of Cleopatra to their “Queen of Hearts”.

    “Very nice flash mobs from the fans. I try to distribute some of the toys to children, but I try to keep the things that have been created with their own hands”, Alina said thanking for the support.

    Instead of an organized fan brigade, over Elizaveta Tuktamysheva worried a flock of kids from a Sankt Peterburg sports school with hand-drawn posters.

    Lisa introduced another triple Axel into her free program (in a cascade with a double Toeloop) and very coolly executed them - a powerful application for the top 3 of most difficult programs this new season.

    Red gloves are the first spoiler of Tuktamysheva's future costume (says the photo caption)

    The most difficult content in any free program - it’s obvious right away - this season belongs to Aleksandra Trusova. In Moscow, she fell hard on a quad in warmups, but she immediately carved 3 quads to the music from Game of Thrones: a Lutz and Toeloop by themselves, and another in a cascade of quad and a triple Toeloops.

    Her fall on the other cascade was a trifle that Sasha didn't even seem to notice: she chatted sweetly in the mixed zone and, without even ceasing to smile, promised to complicate her program again.

    Three skaters choose to skate in their original costumes right away - a rarity for September, when it is customary to take the latest measurements.

    For Anna Shcherbakova, the Tutberidze team came up with the most original feature of the season - in the middle of her program her blue dress turns into red.

    In training, Anya often practiced the mechanics of her transformation, but this has been its first public experiment. The general sigh from the stands was the best confirmation of this successful focus on the depth of ideas for her “Firebird”.

    Two more skaters showed not only their costumes, but also dissimilar, almost opposite interpretations of the music from Moulin Rouge:

    • temperamental and passionate Stanislava Konstantinova in a bright red dress ...

    • playful Sofya Samodurova in dark colors.
    (both photo captions)

    The high season in figure skating is still over a month away, perhaps we have never been as expectant before?

    It is already sad now, that for many skaters season will end after the December championship of Russia in Krasnoyarsk. This is the headache with which the Federation lives at the junction of 2019 and 2020.

    The Moscow audience will have to say goodbye to their favourite skaters for a long time, where in the evening dusk of September at the exit of the Luzhniki Stadium - hundreds of fans still waited, dreaming of seeing their idols more often.

    With half a dozen police officers accompanying her, they enthusiastically met Eteri, who immediately jumped behind the wheel of her car. They powerfully applauded Tat'yana Tarasova, making her way to her driver. Their cries escorted minibuses, transporting skaters to hotels. And they didn’t disperse.

    Figure skating in Russia is an insanely popular spectacle that can fill stadiums at least every other week.

    But it seems only in Japan they know what to do with this popularity.


    Still hoping for more in depth and detailed accounts of the actual skating, but those will perhaps have to wait until after the first 'real' competitions.
    Thanks to those among us who evaluated the programs already and suggested all kinds of changes. Those make for nice reading and hopefully constructive discussions :-)
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    Another recap of the first day:

    “I review good skating runs 5 times. Bad ones never. ” Zagitova skating in Moscow - for the last time in 2019

    Control trainings have not always been as fashionable as they are now. By and large, they received open status only after the Olympics in Sochi when the figure skating boom swept the whole country - 'dumbell' Plyushchenko and sympathy for Kovtun, red dress Lipnitskaya and victorious fists of Sotnikova etc.

    That was 5 years ago, and it seems already an era has passed since then. And if earlier the fans scrambled to Odintsovo and Novogorsk using secret passwords and false identities, now control trainings are full-fledged mini-starts. Tickets are sold, and the skaters skate their short programs on one day, and free programs the next.

    In 2015-2017, the first skating runs of the season were presented in Sochi, in 2018 - in the metropolitan Megasport. This time, Megasport was also considered, accommodating 16000 spectators (the Grand Prix stage takes place there), but on Moscow Day it was reserved in advance for dancing - for the World Cup in the Latin American program.

    Open Test Skates remained in Moscow, however were transferred to the Luzhniki Small Sports Arena (8700 seats).

    The stands are almost full.

    Tickets for the central sectors (from 1800 to 2500 rubles) were sold out back in July, free seats only remained in the upper tier and corners (from 300 to 500 rubles).

    But these were also completely sold.

    People, without hiding it, came for Medvyedeva and Zagitova.

    A year ago, at Megasport, Zhenya and Alina carefully avoided each other - they looked away, went out on the ice from different gates. Because then, emotions hadn't cooled down yet: Zhenya broke with Tutberidze and moved to Canada, to Orser.

    Test Skates 2019 are filled with a different meaning. Young stars enter the arena this season - Trusova, Shcherbakova, Kostornaya, for whom this is their first adult season. But they already can do more - throwing quads, collecting record scores for juniors, hungry for big victories.

    How to survive in such company? And most importantly: where to find motivation and reserves?

    First times for everything. Today, in the Luzhniki Stadium, Medvyedeva and Zagitova raised the roof. Zhenya was greeted with the banner “Create your story, we are always with you”:

    And Alina - with hundreds of identical red signs:
    (both photo captions)

    A year later, the exclusion zone has disappeared: Alina and Zhenya laughed together at the one whose army of fans was loudest, and stretched themselves five steps away from each other.

    Reviewing draft programs (without costumes) makes little sense: Medvyedeva fell on her Toeloop at the end of her cascade, but she jumped the triple Lutz and double Axel , jumped without any problems, Zagitova was completely flawless: the cascade of triple Lutz - Rittberger, the double Axel and the triple Flip.

    Yevgeniya laughed a lot, also Alina did not look too serious. She has matured and changed. It could be seen how the coaches have taken care of her during the very difficult (and eventful) off-season:

    • in March - immediately after the winning World Cup - Stars on Ice show;

    • from late May to mid-June - Fantasy on Ice show;

    • at the end of June - a short visit to perform in Dream On Ice;

    • end of July - beginning of August - The Ice series.

    Flights from Moscow to Japan, from Japan - back to Moscow. And soon again to Japan - to the Japan Open (October 5).

    For a 17-year-old star, these are normal routes. She is too young to be tired. Says she likes such a life.

    We talked with her before the Test Skates - Alina as an ambassador for PUMA conducted her own training on Andreyevskiy Bridge. Two security guards, hundreds of fans, photo shoots, make-up artists, cameras of the Japanese Asahi television channel - and Alina herself, who answered questions while eating grapes.

    Q: Who motivates you in figure skating?
    A: I have a small circle of friends - my coaches, relatives, family, these people really inspire me. They give important parting words to which I listen. Of course, the choreographer Lyudmila Shalashova (mother of Daniil Gleichengauz, a member of the Eteri Tutberidze team), who recently passed away, had a great influence on me. This is an irreparable loss. She is a very wise person who transmitted not only ballet knowledge, but also life experience. She helped me get used to the programs Don Quixote, Carmen, Phantom of the Opera and The Black Swan. I owe her a lot of thanks.

    Q: How many days before the start do you disconnect from social networks and the Internet?
    A: Hmm, always in different ways - for a few days or for a week. Now I have developed some immunity to negative comments or headlines. I control myself.

    Q: You said that you would like to act in films after sports. Which director?
    A: I would like to try a movie, this is definitely an interesting experience. It all depends on the idea, not on the director. Honestly, until I seriously think about it, I go in for sports.

    Q: But you see yourself - conditionally - in the same role of Lara Croft?
    A: Maybe yes.

    Q: Do you often review your skating runs from competitions?
    A: If I performed well, I watch them about five times. If I did bad, I don’t look at all. I haven't watched a single bad start. I do not want to.

    Q:Your favorite country after Russia and Japan?
    A: It’s difficult ... I haven’t been everywhere: for example, I've never been to America, but I really want to fly there.

    Q: The most unusual food you allow yourself? Mirai Nagasu, for example, drinks celery juice in the morning.
    A: I need a piece of chocolate. Especially morning's.

    Q: Messi or Ronaldo?
    A: Difficult question. Probably both.

    Q: Sneakers or high heels?
    A: I feel comfortable in sportswear. Therefore, of course - sneakers!

    Q: Books or Internet?
    A: The Internet. You can also read books there.

    Q: Mathematics or Russian?
    A: Maths. Solving problems I like better. But I study at basic level, training takes a lot of time, so the Sambo-70 school helps me a lot.

    Q: If you haven’t done your homework at school, will you skip the lesson or honestly admit?
    A: I’ll go to training.

    Q: Have a tattoo or dye your hair blonde?
    A: Neither of both. I'm not ready for such experiments yet.

    Q: Who has the stronger grip - Putin or Abe?
    A: Vladimir Putin.

    Q: The best time off: movies, restaurants, staying home, or a walk with friends?
    A: Definitely a walk in the park with my family. And, of course, when Masaru runs along. I love that.

    Q: When was the last time you cooked?
    A: Salad. It even sated my grandmother with whom I live in Moscow.
    (Aline either didn't understand the question or it was wrongly written down; I choose 'sated' for Накормить, in the meaning of to 'satisfactory nourish a person'. I presume babushka does most of the cooking)

    Zagitova, of course, is the Queen. Tomorrow a full stadium will come to watch her again. There will be no other opportunity to see Alina in Moscow: she is scheduled for the Grand Prix stages in France (November 1-3) and Japan (November 22-24). And the championship of Russia - in the distant but cozy Krasnoyarsk.
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    "Our pair skating is in full bloom."
    Coach Vasil'yev commented on the results of pre-season Test Skates.

    Last weekend, the Moscow Luzhniki Stadium sold out - the pre-season Test Skates of the Russian national figure skating team brought together about 20 thousand spectators over two days. For the beginning of autumn, success for this winter sport is phenomenal.
    The famous Russian pair skating coach, the 1984 Olympic Champion (paired with Yelena Valova), Oleg Vasil'yev told TASS about the expectations for the season, the return of the Sochi Games champion Kseniya Stolbova to big sports, the brilliant technique of Mikhail Kolyada and the out-of-this-world girls of Tutberidze.

    Q: Oleg Kimovich, everyone unanimously speaks of the control trainings of the national team held in Luzhniki, as a real extravaganza of figure skating ...
    A: And it really is, it was a holiday. Today we saw our selection looks like one of the best in the world. However, we must remember the team competitions at the Olympics - this is a litmus test of the development of the sport in our country, we will have to check again in two years. The next two seasons will show how we will look there, with whom to fight - with the Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Japanese.

    A: But today everything looks good ...
    A: Good, yes. But the USA team, for example, also looks very good. They have good singles, dancers, but there is something lacking in pair skating.

    Q: And in our men’s ...
    A: Let it be for now.

    Q: Although there were a lot of great performances at these skates, I want to start with pair skating. This season, after a long break, we saw back on ice the champion of the Games in Sochi Kseniya Stolbova, who returned to the ice with a new partner Andrey Novosyolov. What do you thing of this couples' prospect?
    A: In their performance in the Test Skates there were shortcomings - incomplete support, difficulties in joined skating, but this was their first performance in public. They need time to go through difficulties, but they look very good, there really is a prospect. Kseniya always moved well, she always had a good skate, and she did not lose this skill, she even acquired recently.

    To return to the ice after a two year break, you need to have tremendous willpower, an immense desire to prove something to yourself and the world, and Kseniya found all this in herself, for which I have great respect. Their skating looks unfinished, but for two professionals to get acquainted, you need at least one and a half to two years, and they still have not passed this period.

    Q: It was nice to see on the ice of “Luzhniki” our leaders - Yevgeniya Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, updated and inspired by working with Marina Zuyeva ...
    A: Zueyva is a specialist who has always worked with leading dancers and sports couples, I myself had the good fortune to work with her when we performed as professionals, she staged programs for us. Marina worked with Yekaterina Gordeyeva and Sergey Grinkov. Zuyeva is a positive and endless stream of ideas, while at the same time she is constantly improving herself. If she was good as a trainer back in Soviet times, you can imagine what kind of specialist she is today.

    Marina set a goal for Tarasova and Morozov, set a task, and they gradually completed it. I really liked their skating - interesting approaches to the elements, soft skating. This is a couple, not two puppets holding hands, it is very nice to see. They were always very technical, but there were problems with the programs, with psychology, with motivation, awareness. But now Marina is helping to solve these.

    At the Test Skates in Moscow we saw the result of only two months of them working together, and I suspect, after continuing this cooperation, we will see on the ice a very strong and technically equipped couple who own the rink like real dancers.

    Q: Sasha Boykova and Dima Kozlovsky made great progress, even taking into account the fact that in their first adult season a year ago they managed to become sixth in their debut adult World Championships ...
    A: They are young, ambitious and understand where they are going, and their mentors know how to lead them along this path - a good and correct combination. They will progress, any which way. This year, they added a complex throw to their programs, are working on a “3+3” cascade, do complex supports, increase the complexity of their twist lifts, they made a huge technical leap forward, also adding to their skating and artistry.

    Talking about a professional ceiling in their case would be ridiculous - they are moving forward, and their path is good and long. Two and a half years before the Olympics, they can bring us many good surprises.

    Q: In general, the picture is good ...
    A: In my opinion, our pair skating is in its prime, which I can’t remember from Soviet times, and not only the leaders are strong, the young couples are technically well equipped. And in this regard, to compete with Stolbova and Novosyolov won't be easy.

    Q: And how difficult it will be for the greater part of our girls!
    The inevitable happened - yesterday’s juniors entered the arena, already christened as "The Tutberidze Girls"
    A: Aleksandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova at these Test Skates, and to a lesser extent Alyona Kostornaya, showed they have entered this technical universe so deep, it is unlikely that any of our own or foreign rivals will be able to get close to them in the near future.

    Q: Even the young “American threat” Alysa Liu, already famous throughout the world?
    A: In her skating, she is still slightly inferior to our girls, even when she has both a quad Lutz and a triple Axel in her arsenal. If Trusova and Shcherbakova do everything as outlined, they are unattainable, they are invincible.

    Q: I can imagine how hot it will be during the December Championship of Russia in Krasnoyarsk ...
    A: I think in Krasnoyarsk only the third place will be vacant, and Alina Zagitova, Yevgeniya Medvedeva, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva with her two triksels and, possibly, Kostornaya will fight for it. But Alyona has no quadruple jumps nor a triple Axel in her arsenal and she hasn't the reputation of her rivals. So the fight at these Russian championship will be very interesting, but also very tough.

    Q: And again, couple of seasons in a row, as fine we are doing in women's skating, it is just as incomprehensible in the men's. From the leaders, only 31-year-old Voronov showed clean skating runs ...
    A: There is a hope that Alexander Samarin, due to his willpower and desire, will cope with the difficulties of the beginning of the season - he is a fighter who puts one hundred percent in each jump, concentrates morally, without such an ingenious technique as Mikhail Kolyada. And what is happening to Mikhail, whose jumping technique is almost close to ideal, I don’t know - nothing has changed since last season, despite the changes in his personal life.

    Q: So Voronov is our support and hope?
    A: He relies on his experience, he knows how to deal with stress, outwardly, he does everything calmly. Although he is not very competitive in the fight for medals at the World Championships, his experience is the support of our men's team, and it’s hard to say whether it’s temporary or long-term. I think, for our male figure skating Voronov is this pillar of stability and stress resistance, very valuable qualities.

    Interviewed conducted by Veronika Sovyetova

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    The coolest new programs from the national selection. Winners in nine nominations for Match TV

    The Open Test Skates of the Russian national team, which took place on September 7–8 at the Luzhniki Small Sports Arena, provided food for thought to specialists, journalists, and fans. And while the Russian skaters have not even reached the ice of the first competition of the season, we suggest you evaluate the TOP of the coolest programs in different categories according to the Match TV and compare them with your impressions.

    List of nominations:

    Technical excellence
    The most victorious program
    The most atmospheric program
    The most romantic program
    The most mystical program
    Big potential
    The most original costume
    The most breathtaking program
    People's Choice Award

    Technical excellence

    Open Test Skates are still no competitions, so we will not make comprehensive conclusions about superiority or weakness on the basis of skating runs with gross errors. We note only two programs stood out not only at Russian, but also at global level, and were executed almost 100%.

    Aleksandra Trusova, “Game of Thrones”.

    It doesn’t matter at all what kind of music will play against the background of Aleksandra distributing kilotons of power over the stands, when she jumps three clean quads in her free program. And she is going, judging by post skate interview, to complicate her program even more. Nevertheless, the image of the “Stormborn Non-combustible Destroyer of Shackles and the Mother of dragons” Daenerys will look purely visually advantageous on the steely Sasha.

    Yelizaveta Tuktamysheva, “Caravan” and the composition “The hot sardines”

    In the case of Tuktamysheva, as in the case of Trusova, the musical theme plays a secondary role. The main role is given to standard jumps and a relaxed presentation of self-confident beauty in a good way. Now that Yelizaveta has a triple Axel in the short and two triple Axels in the free, she has become fully competitive in comparison with the winner of the Grand Prix Final Rika Kihira and at domestic level.

    The most victorious program

    Yevgeniya Tarasova - Vladimir Morozov, Bolero

    The “Bolero” of Tarasova – Morozova is an impeccable tactical move by Marina Zuyeva, whose task was to immediately reveal to the world this transformed pair. This is not just a quality setting, where each element and combination are in place. Supported by the hypnotic effect of the growing power of the music itself, all the components of the program - jump, throw, twist, spin, Todes and support, begin to work towards the triumph of Yevgeniya and Vladimir.

    The most atmospheric program

    Dmitriy Aliyev, Sound of Silence Disturbed

    Among the advantages of Dmitriy Aliyev is an excellent silent sliding and a subtle sense of posture. Thanks to these, selection of music for the skater doesn't seem to be a big problem. But because of the special, slightly detached manner of presentation, some of Dmitriy's programs were perceived as lifeless - when the softness of the music was superimposed on the muffled skating. “Sound of silence” in this sense is a very good choice. The program creates a mood of reflection and contemplation, which is based on a strong mind that can ultimately answer the main questions.

    The most romantic program

    Viktoriya Sinitsina - Nikita Katsalapov, Antonin Dvorak

    Viktoriya Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov in their own kind are lyrical heroes. Their free dance for the new season to the work of Antonin Dvořák (performed by the Serbian violinist Nemanja Radulović), whose music combines Viennese classical and gypsy romance, is ideal for demonstrating all the main qualities of the couple - delivery and reflection of relationship between man and woman. A dance about love and tenderness, in other words.

    The most mystical program

    Anna Scherbakova, "Perfume"

    If you don’t know Anna Shcherbakova performs under the soundtrack for the film “Perfume. The story of a killer ” in the short program, in her music the obsession, heavy melancholy and hopelessness are still distinguishable. Repeating tunes can be mistaken for the voices of sirens beckoning from the depths of the sea. The mood of the thriller is emphasized by a black dress, and Anna at the age of 15 has a fantastic ability to hold the attention of the audience. It is impossible to break away from her.

    Big potential

    Kseniya Stolbova - Andrey Novosyolov, “Moonlight Sonata”

    At the Test Skates, the couple did not succeed in skating their free program without errors, but this almost did not affect the impression. An unusual treatment of this well-known classic brought it into balance with the temperament of Kseniya. If you take the indomitable Kseniya Stolbova, add to her resolute Andrei Novosyolov and the impetuous Nikolai Morozov, and then multiply everything by the great "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig Van Beethoven, you’ll practically get a figurative bomb.

    The most original costume

    In this nomination it is extremely difficult to choose only one winner, so let there be two. More precisely, three - Anna Shcherbakova and Betina Popova - Sergey Mozgov.

    The dress of Anna Shcherbakova changes colour during her free program, when the skater turns into an outlandish bird.
    This is how the transition to music from the ballet “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky is played out: (link to video)

    Sergey Mozgov and Betina Popova in their costumes for the rhythm dance "Cabaret" made a splash. While all the other duets at the warm-up skated in blacks, it just looks better when you stage the details of Lisa Minelli and Joel Gray correctly right form the start.

    The most breathtaking program

    Aleksandra Boykova - Dmitry Kozlovskiy, “My way”

    The title of Frank Sinatra's song “My Way” in this context translates from English as “in our own way”. It is about how a person sums up the results of his life, coming to the conclusion - the main thing is that he made decisions and was responsible for their consequences. Given the young age of Aleksandra Boykova - Dmitriy Kozlovskiy, by using this song perhaps speaking to the audience is their legendary coach Tamara Nikolayevna Moskvina.

    In any case, the couple performed a ringing life-affirming program under the instrumental version of the song. Thanks to their perfect performance, already at the premiere it got the first standing ovation of the season (and I think, not the last).

    People's Choice Award

    Perhaps this is the simplest nomination, and the drum roll is won by Alina Zagitova and Yevgeniya Medvyedeva.

    These skaters have reached such a level of popular love and support their every step will be favourably received by fans. However, even without this assumption, Zhenya and Alina's short and free programs turned out to be memorable and immediately earned the love of the spectators.

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    It seems our team is again the best in the world. How was the second day of Test Skates?

    On Sunday, at the Luzhniki Small Sports Arena, new free programs for the Russian national team were shown.

    * Which of the women jumped three quadruple jumps?

    * Who will qualify for the third starting number in ice dancing?

    * Will Stolbova - Novosyolov be able to get the home start of the Grand Prix stage?

    * Which of the men made the least mistakes?

    The answers to all these questions are in the Match TV reportage.


    The intrigue with the free program of the champion of Russia Anna Shcherbakova lasted a long time. The lilac dress at the six-minute warm-up did not give any clues, and in the first minute of Anna's performance only little-known keyboard lyrics sounded. During this time, the pupil of Eteri Tutberidze managed to jump the quadruple Lutz with a fall, the cascade triple Lutz - triple Rittberger and double Axel. Then the music began to change, and while Anna spinned, magic happened - her dress turned from lilac into red, and from "little-known keys" - into the "Firebird" by Igor Stravinsky.

    This music sounds extremely spectacular on ice. For Shcherbakova, the trainers chose two main topics - the famous and characteristic “Filthy Dance of the Kashcheyev Kingdom” and the life-affirming and festive ballet finale, like a feast in Russia. For a convincing debut on master ice - you can’t imagine any better way.

    Yevgeniya Medvedyeva, not wanting this herself, raised the degree of expectation for the premiere of her new program “Memoirs of a Geisha” to extremes. Still, Brian Orser is an expert in figure skating, and if he told Zhenya that “this is your best free program in your career”, he had good reason.

    The premiere was not without problems. That evening, Eugenia did not have an Aksel - a kind of crossover (Aksel with half a turn) on the first attempt and an unpleasant fall on her hip on the second attempt. Of the benefits - a confident cascade of Salchow - Rittberger. However, this program has potential once form and technique are acquired.

    The fact that Aleksandra Trusova will skate under the soundtrack to the cult series “Game of Thrones” became known in the spring. Frankly, in the case of this skater, the program itself not the main attraction. It is so conceived so as not to interfere with Aleksandra to do what she does best - to jump a lot, to jump hard, to strike down everyone around her.

    Sasha has always been a strong girl, but during the offseason she turned into solid muscle - to jump different from Trusova is simply impossible. Her jumping content is two quadruple Toeloops (one in a cascade with a triple), quadruple Lutz, triple Lutz - triple Rittberger, triple Lutz - triple Salchow, triple Flip and double Aksel. None of the Russian single skaters at the moment would have mastered such a set of jumps.

    What to tell about the champion of Europe, the World and the Olympic Games Alina Zagitova? Everything happening to her now is the happiest time in her sports career. Alina radiates this happiness, confidence and love - for figure skating, coaches, spectators. Cleopatra may not be her best program of all time, but it is sincerely liked by Alina herself, which means it will help her achieve her main goal for the season - to please the fans.

    Yelizaveta Tuktamysheva outgrew all difficulties, she knows her body and its capabilities well, she has a complete understanding with Alexei Mishin. Her free program is set to music convenient to Lisa - American flirt-jazz "The hot sardines", under which you can dance for your pleasure and you do not need to do anything supernatural.

    The skater has come fully seasoned - she now jumps two triple Axels in her free program. And due to the fact that Lisa also has a Triksel in the short one, she is able to compete with young quadsters - for example, three Axels of Tuktamysheva against one quad Lutz by Shcherbakova? This is a serious application for a place in the national team at least for the European Championship.

    Men still need to be interpreted, but for the moment this will do. The event has concluded anyway.

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