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Thread: Now the Lithunian Judge...

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    Now the Lithunian Judge...

    Some more news from the wacky world of ISU:

    Here is another related story. Note Povlas and Rita are quoted in the article. I am not too sure if it is a good idea.

    And a Globe and Mail reader writes a letter telling what we already knew about skating:

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    Re: Now the Lithunian Judge...

    Bleuchick - Thanks for those articles. Poor Gaschonwaz(sp) and Speedy admitting he doesn't remember the rule. Agghh.
    And other judges get away with it.

    One solution, (although combining Figure Skating with the World Wrestling Association is a good idea) would be to have senior judges judging once every three years. There are no shortages of judges and I believe many posters in this forum would be quite capable of judging these events.


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    Re: Now the Lithunian Judge...

    A sorry state of affairs. Tell me again why the USFSA continues to be a member of this house of liars, bullys and cheats?

    "I can only guess that she [Lithuanian judge Eugenia Gasiorowska] was not part of some bloc which was trying to be arranged," Lithuanian dancer Povilas Vanagas said from his home in Moscow. "Maybe she got on this panel by mistake of the draw. We can only guess how those draws are going on. . . .

    "All those panels for so many competitions, we were getting Russians, Israelis, Italians, Ukrainians, and they were all kind of a bloc.

    "Judges from these countries were nearly always judging. It's hard to believe that they would always get on panels. Always by chance. Always lucky."


    "Last season, Gasiorowska wasn't the only judge who wasn't living in the country she represented. [This is why she was harassed by the ISU, according to this article by Beverly Smith.] Gary Hoppe is a former British coach who lives in England and judges for Israel. Alfred Korytek lives in Ukraine and judges for Israel. Although Katalin Alpern lists her address in ISU circulars as Metulla, Israel, she lives in Budapest, where she was a judge for 30 years. She got her Israeli citizenship in 1999 and now judges for Israel. Irina Absaliamova judges for Belarus, but lives in Moscow. Irina Nechkina lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, but judges for Azerbaijan. Both had been judges for the former Soviet Union.


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    Re: Now the Lithunian Judge...

    there was a really good point made when it came to the judging panels.... how the same judges get called a lot.... hmmmmmmmmmm

    meditate on this, I will.

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