...or, (spoken in a melodramatic tone) As the Tickets Turn...
(the continuing saga of Skate Canada providing a shining example of stellar corporate communications)

So, I call the auditorium box office and spoke to someone who told me the following...

Tickets are not on sale yet.

They only got the necessary information in the last day or so.

They are hoping that tickets will be available on Wednesday, January 19th.

Tickets will be general admission.

I mentioned to the agent about how the Skate Canada website has changed the on-sale date from today to tomorrow and she told me that she and the other reps are bracing themselves for the onslaught and thanked me for my understanding. (well, it certainly isn't _their_ fault)

So please be patient with them. They are a really nice bunch of folks out there and are frustrated by all the communications hassles. They have been waiting for something since October.