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Thread: Michelle Kwan cues up `Bolero' for title run

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    Michelle Kwan cues up `Bolero' for title run

    Hehe another great article And don't worry you don't have to register.

    Composer Maurice Ravel died in 1937, the year Maribel Vinson Owen won the last of her record nine U.S. ladies figure skating championships.
    Hey I did not know this, did you?

    Asked if Kwan was similar to Vinson Owen in any way, Carroll said: "The philosophy of keeping her nose to herself. Her work ethic, tunnel vision and discipline."

    Whereas Kwan is revered for her poise and gentle demeanor, Carroll remembers Vinson Owen was one tough lady as his coach.
    Should Kwan win a medal of any color tonight, she will surpass Vinson Owen in a different category in the record books. Kwan has won 11 U.S. medals in her senior career (eight gold, three silver). One more, and she will be the only skater to win 12.

    Kwan has also bettered Vinson Owen in another category: Olympic medals. Kwan has won two_silver in 1998 (behind former Detroiter Tara Lipinski) and bronze in 2002 (behind Sarah Hughes and Russian Irina Slutskaya).

    Competing during the era dominated by Norway's Sonja Henie on the world scene, Vinson Owen won a bronze medal at the 1932 Lake Placid Olympics.
    Kwan hasn't lost a U.S. championship since Lipinski beat her at nationals in 1997. In keeping true to herself, Kwan said she won't get uptight worrying about winning a title. Or what Cohen or Kirk might deliver tonight.

    "The biggest competition is myself," Kwan said. "I'm my best friend and my worst enemy.

    "I want to keep it a friendship."

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    The link takes me to a registration page.

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    I was able to read the article using the link.

    If Michelle skates great, she may add more 6.0's to her collection of 6.0's- may be even all 6.0's if she skates really great. She is the last skater and the judges won't have to hold back.

    I hope she will skate clean. I don't care about 3-3's at this point. I really want her to win that 9th title and be a part of the record books.

    A complete set of Olympic medals (which means OGM in 2006) will be great too, but I don't want to jinx her by thinking too much about it.


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    Thumbs up

    I am keepping my fingers crossed big time for another major unbelieveable skating performance from Michelle tonight. Let the last of the 6.0 competition go out with a bang. But, more important let michelle put all of her critics on notice with her performance. Yes, it is the US national's I know & Michelle & Her coach have stated that the programs will be upgraded for worlds.


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    If you don't want to register fof ghe article you could go to

    To use this, open the article that takes you to the registration page. Then copy the internet address given above as: http://www............. and place that in the space given on

    I have the service very beneficial for quick access to registered articles.

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