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Thread: Zagorski and Guerreiro not ‘leaving things to chance’

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    Video Zagorski and Guerreiro not ‘leaving things to chance’

    Russia’s Tiffani Zagorski and Jonathan Guerreiro talk about their new Free Dance “I’m a Survivor” and their work with Christopher Dean, how they decided on their Rhythm Dance to “The Greatest Showman”, their goals for the 2019-20 figure skating season, and more!

    What are your thoughts on their choices? How do you think they will fare this season in Europe? Worldwide?

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    RD: Greatest Showman soundtrack
    FD: "Survivor;" choreo by Christopher Dean

    2019 Russian Test Skate RD
    2019 Russian Test Skate FD

    I think their FD will definitely stand out from the pack. It is nice to have something more upbeat, rather than all this lyrical stuff that blends together after a while. Survivor fits their on-ice personalities, and clearly they connect to what the song is saying. Their very tall, long lines are highlighted, and the lifts are amazing, although I wish they had not gone with a stationary lift. And the choreo slide needs more work.

    The RD shows that it does not have quite as much mileage on it, but the music cuts are not the usual ones from Greatest Showman.

    They have GP Skate America and GP France, so it will be quite difficult for them to make the GPF again this season. At Skate America, they have to face not only Hubbell & Donahue, but rivals Stepanova & Bukin.

    At IdF France, the situation is even more difficult, as they will face not only Papdakis & Cizeron, but Guignard & Fabbri and Chock & Bates.

    They say in the interview that they plan to do a Russian Cup event and at least one Challenger, but their coaches have to agree they are ready. I hope they will do one or both to get more miles on the programs.
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    Their FD is very interesting. I can’t wait to see it when they’ve had a bit more competition practice.

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    I love this couple. And I'm very happy to see some dancing that isn't of the "get a room already" genre! Really looking forward to seeing how this pans out for them - and I'll be very disappointed if they don't go to Worlds in Montreal as they're very high up on my list of people I want to see live.

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    I feel like this is the FD I wanted H/D to do last year

    I would imagine, barring any disasters, that they will be able to get that third spot this year as do stand out

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    Aren't they nice people? Just hoping they will be succesful this season. Such lovely people deserve a break.

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    They’re actually been my favourite Russian dance team for quite a while now. SinKats and S/B do nothing for me, if I may be perfectly honest.

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