U.S. Nationals Prediction Contest Results

The top three predictors are: Rebecca Long (first), Skeletor (second) and rafranz (third).

No one successfully predicted the entire top six. Three people (Rebecca Long, Skeletor, and mkatsuragi) came close, correctly predicting the top 5. Rebecca Long was the only one to do the same in the men's event.

Percentages of Correct Predictions (spoiler warning if you haven't watched it yet)

82.9% Johnny Weir, first
60.4% Timothy Goebel, second
14.6% Evan Lysacek, third
4.9% Matthew Savoie, fourth
14.0% Michael Weiss, fifth
0.6% Shaun Rogers, sixth

77.4% Michelle Kwan, first
68.9% Sasha Cohen, second
31.7% Kimmie Meissner, third
30.5% Jenny Kirk, fourth
7.9% Beatrisa Liang, fifth
4.3% Emily Hughes, sixth

4.9% Orscher/Lucash, first
14.6% Inoue/Baldwin, second
5.5% Hinzmann/Parchem, third
38.4% Scott/Dulebohn, fourth
2.4% Evora/Ladwig, fifth
2.4% Don/Hunt, sixth

100.0% Belbin/Agosto, first
92.7% Gregory/Petukhov, second
4.3% Manon/O'Meara, third
7.3% Stiegler/Magerovskiy, fourth
12.2% Matthews/Zavozin, fifth
4.3% Goodwin/Bommentre, sixth

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