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Thread: Joubert goes back to Guyon

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    Joubert goes back to Guyon

    Baboo has gone back to his old coach. Good luck to him.
    Translation of article found on MSN.

    Sixteen months. 16 long months for which Brian and Guyon had not spoken to each other. Yet they had been bumping into each other virtually every day, each working in his own corner of the Poitiers rink. They reunited as they had parted 16 months ago. The atmosphere was studious, their faces reflecting both smiles of contentment (kind of) and the mark of effort/work (i wish french journalists didn't attempt to be poetic when speaking of factual information)
    As had been agreed on thursday evening, brian and Véronique met up yesterday lunchtime for a first work session exciting both by it's form and content. Teacher and student gave their best to make up for lost time. And they weren't disappointed: "i have never betrayed my students and i'm glad we can work together, insisted Guyon. It's a wonderful challenge for both of us and we will be able to finish what we started".

    The beginning was fifteen years ago, when Brian had his first skating lessons with Veronique. They grew up together, climbing four by four the steps that lead to success. Life and their respective strong personalities had seperated them. They whiped the slate clean on thursday. They reunite in the presence of of an approving Raymonde (his mother), laeticia (his fiancée), Jean-rolland racle the head of the french team, D. Gaillaguet his advisor and a load of journalists as well as numerous fans.
    "We're not used to having so many people around" comments veronique.

    We were no longer used to finding such a peaceful and serene atmosphere in this big cold shed where the icy atmosphere was so tense it would make you shivver. Brian couldn't quite believe it "really, i didn't think it would go that well. We had not been on speakng terms for such a long time. It was bugging me and vero to, i think"
    Quad triple combo, royal triple flip, botched triple loop before nailling it. Brian with "heavy" legs but a light heart, meets with success once again. and with his ambitions: "I know that it's going to be hard to retain my title in ten days time against plush. but not impossible. Anyway i will give it my all, i'm really puped up for it!" Gaillaguet nods approvingly. "brian is finding his carefree attitude again. it's his strengh. He's so talented"
    The session ends with a run-throughof his SP. Totally exhausted, Brian fights to deliver a clean performance; The teacher is satisfied:"in two hours, we've come a long way. It's not to bad!" Not too bad at all in fact. The reunited duo will probably last longer the the two weeks decided as a transition period by the federation. We'll come with the DTN to check up on what's happening after turin, says jean -rolland racle. I'll be coaching brain at euros"
    Brian gets the last word. "It's a long-term thing with vero. We've taken to long to find each other again to part straight away again. It's clear as far as i'm concerned anyway".

    loick lejay.

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    Thanks for the report :Milly!

    Interesting...Baboo has had such a difficult year I wondered when this would happen. I do think it's got to be challenging to change coaches mid year, and RIGHT before the biggest comps. But if things as they are don't work, I guess I might try to change them also.

    You might want to add a reply including the link to the MSN article you mentioned.



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    I didn't know Baboo was engaged to a Laetitia?

    Jean-Roland Racle has gone from French federation pariah (when coincidentally, Laetitia Hubert finished a disappointing twelfth at the Olympics) to its head...and Gailhaguet is his advisor...

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    I didn't know Baboo was engaged to a Laetitia?
    Well I guess I can't marry him then.

    I'm glad he's going back to Guyon. Maybe then this will stop others for calling him "Yagbert", that is, if Baboo doesn't continue biting off Alexei's footwork.

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    I knew this would happen.

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    Sasha, Brian, all the Russian girls who've gone back to Kurdyavtsev (Sokolova, Soldatova, Volchkova)... Who next?!

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    Doggygirl, this is the article. Sorry no source, it was just posted on the FloetBrian forum there like this.

    La nouvelle union sacrée
    ( 15/01/2005 )
    Seize mois. Cela faisait seize longs mois que Brian Joubert et Véronique
    Guyon ne s’étaient pas adressé la parole. Et pourtant, ils se voyaient tous
    les jours ou presque. Chacun dans son coin à la patinoire de Poitiers. Ils
    se sont retrouvés comme ils s’étaient quittés il y a seize mois. Dans une
    ambiance studieuse, savant mélange de sourires enjoués et de rictus sous

    Comme prévu, comme convenu jeudi tard dans la soirée (lire notre édition
    d’hier) Brian Joubert et Véronique Guyon se sont retrouvés hier midi pour
    une première séance de travail enthousiasmante par la qualité du contenu et
    du « contenant ». L’élève et le professeur ont mis du leur pour enclencher
    la machine à remonter le temps perdu. Et ils ne se sont pas déçus. « Je n’ai
    jamais trahi mes élèves et je suis heureuse qu’on puisse retravailler
    ensemble, affirme Véronique Guyon. C’est un superbe challenge pour nous
    deux. On va pouvoir finir ce qu’on avait commencé. »

    Le commencement c’était il y a quinze ans quand Brian est venu prendre ses
    premières leçons de patin avec un jeune professeur, Véronique Guyon. Ils ont
    grandi ensemble montant quatre à quatre les marches qui mènent au sommet. La
    vie et leur tempérament bien trempés les avaient séparés. Du passé, ils ont
    fait table rase jeudi. Ils sont de nouveau réunis sous l’œil satisfait de
    Raymonde, la mère de Brian, de Laetitia, sa fiancée, de Jean Roland Racle le
    directeur des équipes de France, de Didier Gailhaguet le conseiller, une
    kyrielle de journalistes et de nombreux fans. « Il y a du monde aujourd’hui,
    lance Véronique, on n’est pas habitué à cela ici. »

    On n’était plus habitué non plus à connaître un tel climat de concorde et de
    sérénité dans ce hangar glacial qui faisait froid dans le dos tant le climat
    y était lourd. Brian n’en est pas revenu. « Vraiment je ne pensais que cela
    se passerait aussi bien ; je croyais que ça serait plus tendu. On ne se
    parlait pas depuis si longtemps. C’est idiot mais cela me pesait
    inconsciemment. Vero aussi je crois. » Combinaison quad-triple, superbe
    triple flip, triple boucle avortée puis réussie : Brian, les jambes lourdes
    mais le cœur de nouveau léger, renoue avec la réussite. Et les ambitions. «
    Je sais que dans dix jours à Turin ce sera dur de rééditer l’exploit et de
    conserver mon titre européen face à Plushenko. Mais ce n’est pas impossible.
    En tout cas, je vais me battre. Je suis regonflé. A bloc. » Gailhaguet
    acquiesce. « Brian est en passe de retrouver son insouciance. C’est sa
    force. Il a tellement de talent. »

    La séance se termine par une répétition complète du programme court. Brian,
    éreinté, s’arrache pour rendre une copie propre. Le professeur est
    satisfait. « En deux heures, on a déjà fait beaucoup de chemin. Je trouve
    que c’est pas mal. » Pas mal du tout même. Le duo reconstitué est parti pour
    durer beaucoup plus longtemps que les quinze jours transitoires fixés par
    les cadres fédéraux. « On viendra avec le DTN faire le point après les «
    Europe », confirme Racle, je coacherai Brian à Turin. »

    Joubert a le mot de la fin. « On s’inscrit dans la durée avec Véro. On a mis
    trop de temps à se retrouver, ce n’est pas pour se quitter tout de suite.
    C’est clair dans ma tête en tout cas. »

    Loïc LEJAY

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    Was there a rift of some kind?

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    Thanks Milliyskate for that review of the relationship between Brian and Veronique. My smattering of French, however, will only get me the wrong meaning. What I am happy about is that he is returning to his French roots. All that toe raking footwork is not for him. Although it is showy, Sonia Henie did it incessantly back in her Hollywood Ice Revue because it was easy too.


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