Here are mine.

1. Evgeni Plushenko (RUS) I don't want to jinx myself but I am pretty sure this man is a shoe in to win worlds.

2. Tim Goebel (USA) Based on what has been told in the practice reports. 4Toe/3Toe/3Loop (several of them in a rew) and Looking solid on all of his jumps, I think he will be just fine.

3. Brian Joubert (FRA) Consistent in each phase of the competition will get him a bronze medal.

4. Michael Weiss (USA) He will have to fabulous LP's but I think that SP will do him in and cost him a medal.

5. Takeshi Honda (JPN) His habit of building as the competition goes on will probably cost him a medal as well. He has not looked good at all in his practices.

6. Ilia Klimkin (RUS) Not too fond of his skating, but he will skate relatively consistent thruought competition.

7. Chengjiang Li (CHN) Skates very well in each phase, but judges still won't give him the presentation marks, Probably should be in the top 5.

8. Emaneul Sandhu (CAN) That dang SP will do him in again, skates two magnificient programs in Qualifying and LP, but will end up 8th overall.

9. Jeffrey Buttle (CAN) Skates well in each phase, but does not complete a quad

10. Ryan Janke (USA) Skates well, no quad, but much improvement w/ 3Axel even since Nationals.