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Thread: Hersh Article- Kwan: A Master's Touch (with interesting Cohen quote)

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    Hersh Article- Kwan: A Master's Touch (with interesting Cohen quote)

    I believe this article requires registration.

    Kwan's short program will need serious upgrading of spin difficulty to get high scores under the new scoring system that will be used at the world championships in March
    The article starts out about Kwan, but then goes on to talk about Cohen. Talks about her rough season, her move back to John Nicks, and then this quote from her:

    "I was looking for something, for someone, to make me be No. 1 and make me perfect," Cohen said. "I have kind of realized that person is me. No matter who my coach is, I have to motivate myself."
    Very telling. So she admits here that she WAS seeking the "perfect solution". Speculations were right on

    Something else:

    Cohen, who never has been error-free in an entire Olympic-style event, shares the frustration of those dazzled by her talent and potential since the 2000 nationals who wonder why she has yet to win a U.S. or world title

    "I'm moving toward that goal, a little slower than I would like," Cohen said. "I think if I can really skate my best, maybe I can be the champion. It's definitely not that easy to do.

    "It's nice to know people believe in you and to hear what they think about your potential," Cohen said. "There is no time limit. I can keep going another 10 years."
    10 years we'll see...she ain't going to be the next Kwan, that's for sure

    She also says she's improved a lot, by "leaps and bounds" since the beginning of the season.

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    Hersh is already everywhere but now I'm a little tired of him.

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    Well she has improved in leaps and bounds. She was falling on her butt 3 times in the cheesefests and then she skates pretty well at Nationals (just 2 touchdowns and a fall). I don't think she skated that bad at all and I think that she should be happy with making the world team and her silver medal after the crappy season she has had. I actually think that perhaps she was happy with her skating but then Peter asked her what went wrong in her interview and her whole demeanor changed.

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    Michelle knows exactly what she needs to do, as evidenced by the quotes in this article:

    ''I've got a lot of things to work on,'' Kwan said after winning her ninth crown Saturday, tying her with Maribel Vinson for the all-time record. ''I'll celebrate tonight, then go back and work really hard because it's a new system, new code of points, new spins, footwork. So I've got a lot to juggle in the next few weeks.''

    ''There are a lot of things that I'll have to be very aware of, with the spins, with the change of edge, with the spirals, with the turns and the footwork,'' she said. ''I'll probably have a few people come over just to make sure what needs to be done between now and worlds.
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    Michelle talks about upgrading her spins and footwork for the new system, but I wonder if she is planning changes to her jumps. I was very surprised that she did not include a 3loop for her LP at nationals. Earlier in the season she was doing a 3toe2loop at the beginning where she usually does the loop by itself. I thought she might be working toward a 3toe3loop to increase her points and compete with Irena who is pretty consistent with the 3sal3loop. However, at nationals Michelle downgraded to a 3toe2toe and did not perform a loop jump anywhere in the program.

    I remember her having trouble with the loop a few years ago when she was still with Frank and she said it was her least favorite jump. Since then, she seemed to be having very few problems with it and for a while she was doing the 3lutz2loop to compete with Irena. Now she always does the 3lutz2toe in the LP and SP.

    So I guess I am wondering if Michelle needs to perform a full repertoire of triples to be competitive at worlds, or if she will be okay with 6 triples minus the loop as she attempted at nationals. Is she leaving the loop out because it aggravates her back injury? I don’t see her attempting any 3-3 combinations this season, but maybe she does not need them, like Buttle and Weir have not needed the quad so far.

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