Things are looking up I think -- notes are much better so far today

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Skaters are shown in order skated. Marks shown at end -- 1st is the mark for the free program, 2nd is the total mark

CAN Coolin / Sutherland Start 1 Place Free 12 Overall 12
Notes her in bright yellow with black trim him in reverse / 2tw is good / sbs jumps - not sure what she fell / thr 3t fell / thr 2l / spiral seq to slower section / sbs 2a both fell - skiddy takeoffs by both / toe overhead didn't look very steady in air thought it would come down / hip to star to one hand to upside down split / sbs ftwrk is quite complex & with music / bids is nice / 54.23 / 85.27

CAN Andison / Dzamba Start 2 Place Free 13 overall 13
Notes costumes look like les miz / 2tw bit short revs no height / sbs 2z / toe overhead split pos / thr 2t / sbs flycam sit ch sit / platter to star very weak pos & messy set down / death spiral - didn't catch if front or back inside / thr 2s / music isn't lesmiz - some epic movie robin hood or something similar / lift didn't go up / sbs ?? she very messy / missed rest of program with people going in and out of seats / music is pirates of the carribean / 46.24 / 73.15

CAN Ribeiro / Chutter Start 3 Place free 12 overall 12
Notes white shading to light then darker blue at hem / secondhand lions & classical grafetti / thr 2s / 2tw is pretty good not crashy / sbs 2a she both hands down both very tentative into them / pair spin got very slow - some nice pos variations / sbs spins flycam to sit ch sit very close & good sync until exit / toe overhead / sbs 2a she fell short revs / thr 2t step out / toe overhead didn't get up / she tripped going into O ftwrk / hip to star lift bit unsteady / finished behind music & clock shows 4:13 / 53.41 / 83.99 /

CAN Fernandez / Veilleux Start 4 Place free 9 overall 9
Notes very dark purple with burnt gold accents / 2tw is pretty good / sbs 2a he hand down she fell under rot / hip to star to one hand to reverse star with flip out / thr 2s fell / true lasso throught might not get up but it did / thr 2l almost nose dive on landing / sbs 2t turns 2t / sbs flycam sit ch sit bit far apart and a little off sync / step overhead to one hand reverse star / O ftwrk is quite complex lots of changes of handhold & pos / pair spin to end / Jean-Seb Fecteau was at the boaards as one of their coaches / 63.25 / 95.15 /

CAN Edwards / Eaton Start 5 Place 10 overall 10
Notes her in fushia with silver swirls him in black / sbs 2a her hand hand lightly him fell out / 2tw barely around crashy / tango music of some sort / thr 3s fell / toe overhead didn't look steady at all but they managed to keep it up / sbs spis bit far apartbut good speed & sync / sbs 2a both fell turns 2t she stepped out / toe overhead again didn't look steady / pair spin is ok / back press lift has weak pos / thr 2l / O ftwrk matched well / very nice poson bids / 55.46 / 87.40 /

CAN Singh / Singh Start 6 Place free 7 overall 8
Notes her in cream him in cream shirt & black pants / sbs 2f turns 2t / 2tw is ok not high but not crashy / toe overhead to one hand to change of hands / thr 3s hung on may have touched free foot down on way through / pair spin is pretty good / step overhead with step through & one handed set down / sbs spins were very good / back press lift with twist out / thr 2l again might have brushed free foot going through / sbs 2z she single / O ftwrk is building to climax nicely with music / fids nice pos / 67.37 / 98.92

CAN Piche / Schumacher Start 7 Place free 5 overall 7
Notes her in shades of light purple him in purple / nice high clean 2tw catch on hips with her arms overhead / sbs 2a think both singled she partially fell / thr 2l / start to reverse start upside down exit bit awkward in transitions but she has lovely air pos very extended / music is now summertime and their pair spin & movement matches well / bids is very nice / thr 3s nice air pos and ok height - no distance / toe overhead with step through / she extends on every move / sbs 2a think both were clean / sbs spins were pretty close together and sync was ok / sbs ftwrk flowed well /toe overhead to one hand flip out dismount / they really have a nice 'pair' look and skate as a team -- good expression with the music / 71.46 / 104.91 /

CAN Hoffman / Hay Start 8 Place Free 2 overall 5
Notes her in deep red velvet him in grey / Seven years in tibet / thr 3s fell / 3tw is good / sbs 3s she stumbled out a bit / toe overhead really good ice coverage and her pos it very nice / I liked their O ftwrk / sbs spins sync is qute good sit pos could match better / they're really skating to the music / bods is very nice goes down well / sbs 2f turns 2t he didn't land the flip very well / lift to star one hand flip out dismount / lift to platter that didn't look quite right at the end / pair spin to end / they're a nice looking team with good pairness - he's very steady on the lifts and turns well they almost look effortless / 74.58 / 111.84

CAN Valois / Boudreau-Beland Start 9 Place Free 4 overall 3
Notes her in black skirt with tiger stripes on top him in black / walt disney millenium / 3tw is pretty good / thr 3s / lift with flip out exit / thr 3l fell / pair spin is ice kept moving at a decent speed / sbs 2a both stood up but not sure if they both landed clean on one ft / hip lift to star to no hands / sbs cam sit ch sit in and out of sync on sits / spiral pos match well / toe overhead no pos or hand changes but pos is very good / 2l into 2t / finished way ahead of their music / they look good as a team / 73.47 / 114.23 /

CAN Burke / Radford Start 10 Place Free 6 overall 4
Notes ice blue shading to navy at hem / sleeping beauty & the nutcracker / pair spin has good speed & nice pos - both are tall and fairly leggy and the camel pos looks very nice / 2tw nice with catch on hips / thr 2l step out / hip to star - her pos isn't asextended as I thought it would be / 2s2t2t / thr 3s / toe overhead didn't get up / step overhead has better pos / sbs 2? / flycam sit to inside edge sit perfect sync and pos match very nice / sbs ftwrk is good - with music / spirals at end of program are nice but don't seem to work with the crescendo of the music building to the end / 70.64 / 113.73 /

CAN Cosford / Richardson Start 11 Place Free 2 overall 2
Notes her in shades of pink him in black with silver sequin design / piano concerto scharwenko ? / nice sbs 2a good sync high into 2t / 2tw is good catch on hips / toe over head to one hand with one hand set down / thr 3s lean put free foot down / sbs flycam sit to forward exit very nice good sync & pos match / overhead with her change of pos / sbs 2a she singled / pair spin good pos and maintained speed - very traditional / thr 3t bit forward on toe but clean / sbs steps bit basic flowed with music / sideways star - litws generally cover ice well and he is good on his feet / death spiral was great until very end when she kind of fell out of it / 74.58 / 117.91 /

CAN Boutin / Joncas Start 12 Place Free 8 Overall 6
Notes her in fushia shading to black him in black / bods / thr 2s / 2tw is very nice / sbs 2a nieght got off ice properly and both fell / toe overhead to star very nice air pos / thr 2l / pair spin istraditional pos very well done good speed / spirals are ok /step overhead with her changing balance to platter and back / sbs spins were close and in pretty good sync until last 2 pos / back hand to hand press lift bit shakey on dismount / 65.93 / 110.13

CAN Cronin / Shales Start 13 Place Free 1 Overall 1
Notes Rush / after the war / 3tw is is good / thr 3s step out / toe overhead to one hand good speed & coverage good pos byher / sbs 2f she single steps 2t / pair nestback cam to forward - nice pair spin / thr 3l bit forward but clean / lift with someting looking weird on exit / spirals to a kind of bluesy section of music was nice / upside wn patter with very good exit / unique entrance to very nice death spiral / sbs 2l he single / sbs spins match very well good sync until just before exit / / sbs steps toend are well done / 78.92 / 124.23 /