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Thread: 2019 Cup of China: Day 1

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    What happened to Cha? He was doing well the first half of last season and has drove off a cliff since. Is it puberty or something? I don’t understand the drastic shift

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    I love Satoko's presentation, she has gorgeous arms/hands, if not the best among the women, and yes that attention to detail. You can see her perfectionism in her skating. But I don't see her skating to something powerful and snappy. Passionate yes, but not fierce. Meaning I don't feel that she can express a whole big range of styles/moods. And tbh I'm never wowed by her skating skills.

    So no, I don't believe Anna would have too much trouble skating Satoko's StSq. Satoko herself didn't look too good either during her first outings in summer shows, when she hadn't had enough time yet to practice it. You definitely need to be quick on your feet for that particular StSq, so yes, it needs a certain amount of practice to get it done, but from what I can tell, devoting lots of practice time to a certain element or skill is certainly not something Eteri's girls shy away from.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ykai View Post
    I feel Yan Han really made this program work, it was so pleasing to watch his wonderful SS, and his clean jumps, especially the 3A,...
    Quote Originally Posted by MintGreen View Post
    His skating skills and 3A are still there, as good as they were before,...
    Did I somehow watch a different competition? Yes he had amazing spring and height into his 3A, but that was not a nice clean landing. It was very scratchy, too much weight on the front part of his blade and he was stopped dead in his tracks. It reminded me of the way Boyang oftentimes lands his 4Lz. And honestly it even looked rather UR to me, or at the least like a very short landing.
    If this were another skater, the judges/panel would get lynched for how they scored such a jump, and no one would be saying nice things about it.

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    Catching up this morning


    so happy Rizzo in black is Rizzo back
    I saw Han Yan in an older competition and was really curious to see him this year. He’s cool.
    I wish Jin Boyang followed Rizzo’s lead, and pulled out a black turtleneck from the closet. That costume has no redeeming qualities.
    Aww, Keegan...
    and, Lazukin is still not happening despite seemingly getting over some of that tormented c. 19th century consumption vibe, and looked like he might be into it a couple of times


    Tscherbakova was as lovely as ever.
    Young You, oh, noes... but hope she keeps going, that lady is something.
    I was heartbroken for Samodurova b/c I quite enjoy her energy and sass. Well, I appreciate her.
    Tuktamysheva, hang in there, it sucked about 3A fall
    Never been Myahara’s fan, and this program is not doing it for me either, but others love it, so she’s for them.

    I was just so happy to see DellaMonica/Guarise and Peng/Jin that I sort of didn’t pay much attention to anything else!

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