Canadian Nationals Prediction Contest Results

The top three predictors are: Derek (first), schooner (second) and Angie (third).

Congratulations to professordeb and Annie D for correctly predicting the entire men's top 6 and to Megan, Kelsey Murphy and Expo86 for correctly predicting the dance event.

Percentages of Correct Predictions (spoiler warning if you haven't watched it yet)

62.8% Jeffrey Buttle, first
58.8% Emanuel Sandhu, second
5.4% Shawn Sawyer, third
10.8% Ben Ferreira, fourth
27.0% Christopher Mabee, fifth
23.0% Fedor Andreev, sixth

90.5% Joannie Rochette, first
87.2% Cynthia Phaneuf, second
40.5% Mira Leung, third
2.7% Amanda Billings, fourth
35.1% Lesley Hawker, fifth
5.4% Vicky Boissonneault, sixth

47.3% Marcoux/Buntin, first
4.1% Wakamatsu/Fecteau, second
4.1% Langlois/Archetto, third
37.8% Putnam/Wirtz, fourth
18.2% Bergeron/Davison, fifth
18.2% Miller/Moram, sixth

98.0% Dubreuil/Lauzon, first
52.7% Wing/Lowe, second
44.6% Lefebvre/Markov, third
44.6% Virtue/Moir, fourth
18.2% Senft/Gislason, fifth
10.8% Patenaude/Denis, sixth

For more stats visit my Statistics from Canadian Nationals Page.