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Thread: Sr Free Dance

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    Sr Free Dance

    Good competition - very enjoyable to watch.

    Dubreuil and Lauzon: I love their freedance this year. It really sets them apart with great footwork etc and their usual stunning and original lifts. This is without a doubt the best they've performed it this year. I've been disappointed in their free programs the last couple of years, so I'm really excited to be able to genuinely enjoy this one. They looked overall smooth and ready to compete.

    Wing and Lowe: Deserved their second place. This is one of their better free programs. They still don't have that wow factor to set them apart internationally, but their long time training together really shone through in this competition with their smoothness and flow. I do see Lefebvre and Markov and Virtue and Moir passing them in the near future, however.

    Lefebvre and Markov: This team has charisma. Their lack of training together showed in the freeskate, however. They slowed almost to a standstill in several of their footwork passes and had the obvious error on the lift at the end. Overall, though, I think this team has a bright future - they are doing difficult footwork and their lifts are great.

    Virtue and Moir: I love this young team. Can't wait to see them skate in seniors in the next few years. I thought they handled it beautifully. Quick and difficult footwork while maintaining great speed. And to come third in the freedance in their first senior nationals is incredible.

    Denis and (sorry her name is escaping me momentarily): I actually really like this team as well. I think they are much more interesting already then he was with his former partner. She is incredibly dramatic and I think if they work they could really rise through the ranks.

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    Rain, Pascal Denis' partner is Martine Patenaude. Strangely enough, she was listed as the coach for one of the teams that competed in the first flight. I'm wondering if that's possible, or if it was an error.

    I enjoyed the event. D&L have my favourite free dance this year. It wasn't quite perfect, but I'm hoping they save their best performances for Worlds. W&L were really good today. They had a great skate. The music gets a little too fast for them at the end, though. L&M didn't have the skate they did in the OD. Nice save on that last lift though. She could have ended the program on her face. They sold it for all it was worth. I think with a few more competitions under their belts, they will be a great team. I can't wait to see them on the World team. I think they are very exciting to watch.

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    They said on the broadcast that Marie had been coaching for the last decade but came back to competition to skate with Denis, so I guess it is possible that she's coaching one of her competitors.

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