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Well, so far the guys with lots of jumps are either those who did just one or two types of quads, meaning that they had to have a long career to get over a 100 or 150 (like Joubert, Javi and Hanyu). But the younger skaters with multiple types of jumps and 6-8 quads per competition have gathered large numbers quite quickly. Shoma is the case in point - until this season he has competed a lot internationally compared to most of his rivals, in 2016-7 11, 2017-8 and last season 9 times. The more common number for a top male skater is 5-6 (GP series, maybe one Challenger, Euros/4CC, Worlds). Shoma has had 6 jumps/competition pretty regularly, so in those years he jumped 50-53 quads getting to high numbers very quickly. (But I just wonder if that has been a healthy approach considering his current problems?!)

So, Trusova can only do quads in the FS and if she does 3-4 of them/competition, she will get to maybe 21-27 for this season (assuming she gets EC and WC assignments). To get to 200, assuming that the quad ban in ladies SP might not get lifted and assuming a similar number of international competitions, she would need a roughly 10 year career with this same jumping consistency. Which seems unlikely to me, but remains to be seen.

As for Javi's 3 UR calls, the last one at the Europeans at Minsk this year could be one of those phantom calls by the TP (SP 4S). Javi himself was adamant that it was good and even complained in the press conference (and the only other time he has ever expressed displeasure with his scores was in Shanghai when his immaculate SP did not earn a SB). In the free he produced an immaculate 4S right in front of the judges and the look on his face was like "deduct from that if you dare" (you can't see it in the video, but I was sitting just right of the judges and I swear he did that). (I still remember how he was in the practices between the SP and FS, this aura of indignation floating about him, never before anything like that...)

Hurray for Javi! I still miss his class and style and those gorgeous jumps.