Its that time of year again and I am getting flustered with extreme excitement. Worlds is always such an intense competition and if the athletes are nervous, I sometimes feel like I am just as or more nervous! LOL! This years Worlds promises to leave us with many special performances and memories. That makes me think of Worlds past and what my favorite moments were. So, I'll go with two that I'll always remember and that hold a special place for me.

1. 1996 Worlds - Chen Lu and Michelle's battle. Sorry, I know it has been rehashed a thousand times on this board, but that incredible rivalry drew me into figure skating without a second look back. I'd say of all the Worlds I've seen, that one sticks with me the most.

2. 2001 Worlds - Michelle Kwan's free skate. SOTBS never became a classic program for me. I didn't particularly love the music and I thought Lori Nichols' choreography was becoming stale. And, my favorite skater seemed to be having a rough season in 2000-2001. She didn't perform the program very well in the Grand Prix series and even though it was good, I just felt her U.S. Nationals performance would never stack up to Irina. She was on fire during the 2000-2001 season. I fully expected her to win the title at the 2001 Worlds. And then Michelle came out and skated a program I didn't like and made me respect it. She had such an elegant fire and attack to her that night. I was beyond thrilled when she won the gold. It just showed me I should never doubt Michelle. (LOL, sorry, probably should be on the MKF, but they don't really seem to appreciate my objective views!)