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Thread: Michelle's confidence shows

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    Michelle's confidence shows

    You can see that Michelle is a very confident woman-confident is a positive way. Just for example, at the Championship Exhibition, you could see the confidence showing on her face before she took the ice to skate. While she was waiting to go on the ice you could see her joking around with the cameraman and the people around her--flexing her muscles and giving friendly pats. I think this conficence of the ice, continues on the ice. I am not saying that this makes her a better skater than anyone else but it helps her skate the best that she can.

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    I do see a confidence in her millie ... I also see happiness. I think Michelle is in a good place emotionally. She's been able to do things the past few years according to her schedule, no one else's.
    I feel she is approaching a very good frame of mind to take into the Olympic season. That is knowing that no matter what happens, all that she has done and given for the sport will always be remembered and appreciated.
    I think she is starting to take a look back at her career, and can see the incredible success she has attained. Sometimes as things are happening, it's hard to appreciate or really understand their importance. But the more time that passes, it gives one a better look at the overall picture.

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