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Thread: Brian Joubert back with Veronique Guyon

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    News Brian Joubert back with Veronique Guyon

    Here is the translated article:

    "Brian must be rebuilt "Ice-skating. Champion of Europe, Brian Joubert defends his title in Turin, this week. Discussion with its new trainer, Veronique Guyon. Brian Joubert, champion of Europe and vice-champion of the world the year spent, plays large this season and this week on the ice of Turin, which accomodates the championships of Europe. In one year, it will indeed find the same arena to dispute the Olympic Games of 2006 there. The young French skater, who delivered a beginning of season worrying, separated last week from sound coach, Laurent Depouilly, to find the professor of his beginnings, Veronique Guyon. She delivers to us the reasons of her return to the business and evokes the future of her pupil. You join again with Brian Joubert, after fifteen months of a separation during which you did not address yourselves the word... Veronique Guyon. I found myself in a situation where Brian was not any more my athlete and I tested, to avoid disturbing it in its work, to erase me as much as possible. It was not a question of turning the back to him but of enabling him to work in peace. Did this period have to be difficult to live? Veronique Guyon. When you are on your premise, on your ice, with an athlete whom you made work during fifteen years and whom he wants to continue to involve himself where he always did it with another, it is indeed difficult to accept. But that occurred well, it did not have a conflict there. During your separation, the talent of Brian burst with the face of the world since he became champion of Europe then vice-champion of the world. Does that have to be frustrating not y to have assisted? Veronique Guyon. I received testimonys of many trainers, international judges and people of the French Federation. Even if I were not any more his trainer, they congratulated me. We separated in October 2003, Brian was then in signal forms and that resulted nevertheless from my preparation. Nobody forgot it. Since the beginning of the season, it seems to be taken in the spiral of the failure. Veronique Guyon. It is true that since the resumption of 2004, it goes in the wall. It was not difficult for me to see that it was not well. On the one hand bus Brian, up to that point, always was in progression. In addition, it was also always highly reliable in competition. However it was not any more the case since the beginning of the season. How did you join again the contact? Veronique Guyon. Three weeks ago when Laurent Depouilly left on holiday, Brian was involved all alone in Courchevel where the official reception of end of the year took place. Then, it continued like that one week whole in Poitiers. I really believe that it was left with itself. Its behavior was completely different. I felt a certain appeasing. When Laurent Depouilly took again service, I felt an enormous tension between them. Then, next Thursday, the director of the teams of France, Jean-Roland Racle, prevented me that it came to Poitiers at the request of Brian which was in a state of distress. They discussed. Jean-Roland Racle proposed three solutions to him: to involve themselves in Paris, to leave to the United States or to return with me. Which was the reaction of Brian? Veronique Guyon. Jean-Roland Racle affirmed me that with the evocation of my name, its eyes were illuminated and that he said: "She will not never want" the director of the teams of France then asked to me whether I agreed for a maintenance. I then really smelled a will to return to involve itself with me to make another thing. Does your collaboration thus constitute a new departure? Veronique Guyon. I do not take again indeed Brian Joubert which I had left. It is a man today. He included/understood things. I am not any more the same one either. When we separated, I was exhausted morally and physically. I was really out and I spent seven months to be recovered from all that. Since, I ressourcée myself and I pète the form. Since the beginning of the season, it accumulates the poor performances, how do you explain it? Veronique Guyon. I do not want to make diagnosis, I am in emergency. Brian does not go well morally. For one week, one has made a titanic task to give again confidence to him. Technically, it is easy, because Brian knows my manner of working and it estimates it. Me, his strong points and his weak points, I know them by heart. Most difficult, it is to give again the faith and the pleasure to him. In nearly one year and half, the speakers multiplied around Brian. At the sides of his trainer, Laurent Depouilly, one saw the Olympic champion Alexeï Yagudin, the former president of the French Federation of sports of ice Didier Gailhaguet. All didn't these voices disturb a skater who is yet only nineteen years old? Veronique Guyon. When one has questionnements, when one needs to check certain things, it is necessary to ask for councils. But, indeed, if there are too many people, that can produce the opposite effect. A whole staff like that permanently, it is not good to work sereinement. This week, Brian plays large in Turin since the last year it had left the championships of Europe with the title. You find yourselves vis-a-vis one crowned challenge... Veronique Guyon. I have indeed a heavy responsibility. I find myself with an athlete who will take part in a significant competition and which cannot do anything there because it has a notoriety nevertheless. Of do one year of the Olympic Games of Turin, you think that a new failure could start its dimension near the judges? Veronique Guyon. If it magnifying glass, it will be too late, even for him psychologically. That would make a little much since the beginning of the season. It is necessary that it sets out again towards success. It is necessary for him to be rebuilt. Concretely, how did you approach the urgency of the situation? Veronique Guyon. My preparation is conceived for six weeks. There, I had only ten days. It was thus necessary to adapt. I have as a currency that, whatever the consequences of a result, one should not be directed on an adversary. All the best skaters have a chance. Brian must patinate in Turin to give pleasure. If it does that, it will carry out this week a performance there. Maintenance carried out by Marianne Behar of the newspaper humanity"

    It's roughly translated..... :sheesh:

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    poor Brian I hope you keep your title.

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