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Thread: Johnny Carson Dead

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    Johnny Carson Dead

    I know his death got mixed up in a thread about a VCR Alert but he was such an icon, I just thought it would be nice for those who wish to say something about this TV icon. I realize some people do not relate to Late Night TV and some people are too young to have seen him, but he was something special.


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    I'm frankly surprised at the number of people who seem distressed over how their local station broke into the exhibtition to cover Johny Carson's death. As much as we all enjoy figure skating here, it is but a drop in the bucket when compared to the number of fans and the impact he had on Show business.

    RIP Mr. Carson (And I hope you filmed a PSA before your death much like Yul Brynner encouraging young people not to smoke - emphysema is a terrible way to die)

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